12 Best Business Ideas for Students – Part 2/2

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Business idea

Still struggling, my friend? Did not find the best business idea that matches your skill set yet? Worry not. I am back with 12 additional, equally amazing business ideas that are going to sway you away and put you right in the spot; your shining spot.


Striving to start up a business but not knowing if your idea is good enough can be frustrating and can easily get to you, eventually getting in the way of your business journey. And as established earlier, a good idea is all it takes to begin on your success path. Is this tough conversation worrying you out too? Buckle up, I’ve got you.


All you need to do is to brace yourselves, I have done all the brainstorming for you and yet again come up with the best business ideas that are bound to work great in today’s business market, and will earn you crazy profits. It’s gonna be raining-dollars ‘clock for you pretty soon, Yikes! 


So, let’s dig right into my list of 12 Best Business Ideas for Students:

1. Instagram Virtual Assistant

Have a thorough understanding of the platform, it’s algorithm, the numbers and a have a marketing quest in you? This is your dream job right here. Be it companies looking to scale up digitally, or influencer and celebs trying to manage their accounts, Instagram Virtual Assistants are in demand and making all the noise in the digital market. 

Freelancing platforms are stormed with the need for Instagram Virtual Assistants, and you could be the next one they hire. Your responsibilities would include managing and organizing content for your client, posting timely, looking at the performance statistics and all in all; helping them grow on Instagram. 

If you have that in you, this is hands down the best business idea for you. Stop procrastinating, go online and apply already!

2. Facebook Ad Management Agency

Again, a marketing person by any luck? If not, then now is the time to discover and awaken the marketing personnel in you. Here is your chance to help Facebook businesses grow by creating effective and smart advertisements for them, and make a killing for yourself. 

Advertising online is a very common and efficient practice to promote businesses, therefore the need for Facebook Ad Management services is buzzing in the market too. 

There are leading Facebook marketing agencies, hiring specialized professionals, providing these services to their clients, and you could be the lucky one they hire next! 

Consider this absolute best business idea, apply for the position and start up on your advertising route, might as well land to an agency of your own. Like the sound of it, right? Get started today!

Here are some of the top Facebook Advertising Agencies, check them out.  

3. Google Adwords & Google AdSense 

If you have a presence on the internet; be it a blog or website, now is the time to make fast bucks off of it, as google offers monetization via Google AdSense. Through these ads on your website/blog, you will get paid everytime someone clicks on the ad. 

You can also develop these ads yourself using Google Ads and drive more traffic to your website, or just make money using Google AdSense when people view the existing ads by advertisers on your page. 

It’s that simple. No more giving the web free content! Google pays you back, make sure that happens today. 

Educate yourself on these ways of Google monetization and this will turn out to be a wholesome business idea for you, that you do not need exceptional skills for. Just a hang of these platforms, and you are good. 

4. YouTube Channel Business

Have you got something meaningful to say? Are you a conversationalist, and can perhaps have impactful discussions? Well, it’s high time you start your own YouTube Channel and consider it the best business idea for you. YouTube pays you for the views that your video gets! 

Having a YouTube Channel where you can voice your opinions and thoughts, and cherry on top get paid for it? Sounds like a whopping deal to me. 

You may like to talk about cars, and you could review them on your YouTube Channel. A traveler wishing to V-log your trips, or a chef recording your recipes. Or you may casually hop on to your channel and talk about a recent TikTok trend, or simply entertain viewers with your humor or by pulling out lame pranks of friends and simply vlogging a fun day. 

Just step up, honor the chatterbox and happening person in you, and make a haul!   

Here are top Pakistani YouTubers with a great YouTube career, and an even greater bank account. 

5. YouTube Advertising

 The reach of YouTube is crazy and is known to all. We all spend most of our time, YoutTubing, watching videos and skipping ads. So opting for YouTube Advertising will surely be the best business idea for today and decades to come. 


You don’t have to be a skilled video maker to be able to advertise video ads on YouTube. All you need is knowledge about YouTube Advertising campaigns and how it works.


It’s done through Google Ads and you only have to pay when a viewer watches 30 secs of your video, the rest of the time you are actually saving money. TrueView ads is the most common advertising format on YouTube,  you need to have a thorough understanding of it to be in the YouTube Advertising Business. 


So, utilize the power of video marketing and make it big!


6. Content & Article Writing

Are you good at playing around with words, can you add life to a simple text? If you too wrote10-page stories back in your school, well here is the opportunity to turn your fondness for writing into a great business idea. You get paid for your words, how amazing is that!

From Blogging to Marketing to Freelancing, you can be the writer you wish to be and work in your desired niche. If you want to introduce yourself as a brand, blogging would be your thing. If you wish to help promote businesses, Marketing is your go-to, and if you want to land clients and get paid for your writing services, freelancing it is. 

As with marketers, there is a massive demand for writers in the digital market as well. Content writing is a major aspect of digital marketing. Businesses and Marketing agencies need writers; Article Writers, Feature Writers, Blog Writers, Academic Writers and SEO Writers to promote their work or that of their clients’. 

They need you. The market is buzzing for your writing skills, you see it? Choose the hat (the kind of writer you wish to be) that fits your skill set best, and hop on to this best business idea. 

There is a lot of learning, productivity and cash instored for you. Go, Get it. Or if I may say, work from the comfort of your room and get it! 

Other than Fiverr and Upwork, here are the top writing specific forums I’ve picked for you to kick start your writing career.

7. Search Engine Optimisation

If you are a Search Engine Optimisation expert, you are in luck because the content and digital market around you is in dire need of SEO specialists. And if you aren’t one, well there are a million courses you can sign up for and just be one! 

As an SEO specialist, your job would be to make your content rank higher on google and maximize it’s reach. Google algorithms are your best friends when you are an SEO expert, you need to keep up with their changing moods and patterns. You gotta know them, in and out. 

If you are a writer, up-skilling yourself to be a SEO writer will be a great business idea and investment into your writing career. Take this quarantine time to upgrade your skills, they will take you a long way. 

So, feed your inner writer with some good SEO skills, and go out in the writing market and make good money. 

Linking my SEO course here for you if you would be interested. Take up a free demo and learn with me!  

8. WordPress Web Development

Websites! While nearly all businesses have websites, they don’t have the time or skill to make one themselves, good for you as it means you have got work and a means to earn, if you are a WordPress Web Developer. 

Most websites are developed on wordpress, and knowledge about the platform’s operations will do you good, more than you know it. Businesses would never run out of the need to have a presentable website, up and running, which implies you won’t be out of business. 

You have gotta learn to present yourself to clients, cash your skills, and you would be in the game. If you have the skill, or quest to learn, WordPress Web Development is a great business idea and will turn out to be fruitful for you. 

Start today and wait till you reap the fruits! 

Here are a few WordPress Web Development companies that might interest you. 

9. Shopify Web Development

Online stores are well in business, and if you have the skill for Shopify Web Development, good news! You are well in business too, my friend. 

The trend for shopping on the web has been quite popular for some time now and is here to stay. If you are an obsessive shopper, just imagine yourself surrounded in an online product heaven, managing and organizing it. Sounds like a dream job, right? 

As a Shopify web developer, your job duties would entail managing the online shop, performing quality checks on products, catering to merchants and buyers’ queries and just work on the store’s overall smooth operation. You get to provide people a trouble-free online shopping experience. 

If this business idea made waves, hop on to it and be the next Shopify web developer. 

Linking some of the leading Shopify Web Development platforms, keep a lookout for any job openings if interested. 


10. Product Hunting Services


Are you a product enthusiast, a geek by any luck? I’ve just the right business idea for you. You could use your eye for product specifications and make a living out of it. 


You can provide your Product Hunting Services online and help businesses assess their product success or limitations before launching into the competitive market. Once their product is a hit on Product Hunt, they will get countless customers in no time and you will be turning a profit. It’s a win win.


Freelancing platforms like fiverr are flushed with opportunities for Product Hunting Services. Take on these gigs and shine on!


11. Listing Optimisation Services 


While shopping on amazon or any web shops, you see product listings with improper grammar, unappealing pictures and dry titles? That is a lack of listing optimisation right there, and if it bothers you, you could skill up yourself and change the course of it. 

With the sky-scraping number of web stores online, the need for listing optimisation services has gone sky-high too. Stores like amazon need experts to optimise their listings, using SEO to rank the product searches better, using catchy titles, proper descriptions and putting up decent pictures for buyers to see and buy their product. 

As a Listing Optimisation Specialist, you will be responsible for all of the above, how you present the product and your efficiency will be reflected in an increase in sales. 

If you have it in you, then go onto Amazon, not to splurge but to make fast bucks this time! 

Linking a few forums providing Listing Optimisation Services, for you to go through. 

12. On-Demand Printing Business


Another business idea that goes right on with the ongoing customisation trend. People are fond of buying customised shirts, mugs, pillows and what not. You gotta take this as a business opportunity and start your on-demand printing business. 

 If you are a designer and can come up with designs yourself, that is icing on the cake. But, if not, you can link up with designers and suppliers, and provide your printing services and turn a profit. 

While we have Eid days, birthdays, anniversaries and valentines day, mothers day, friendship days and so many more special days, customisation can never go out of style. Apart from regular days, these are the ones where it rains cash for you. 

So, get in the business while people are still crazy-gifting these cheesy customizable stuff to their loved ones! 

Here are a few online printing businesses in Pakistan doing well for themselves. 

Business Idea

And that’s a wrap, folks. I have poured in my entrepreneurial brain here and hit you up with all the best business ideas that I could think of. The ideas that have swamped today’s business market and are bound to swamp up your bank accounts too.


Hope I made the grade in making up your mind.


Here is wishing you a killer business idea and wise business choices that meet all your entrepreneurial dreams. Good Luck and Godspeed!


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