12 Crazy Business Ideas Which You Can Start Online

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  Will 2019 be the year you will eventually create a profitable online business? You’ve thought about it approximately every year. You’ve gone over countless online business thoughts in your head and imagined what your lifestyle would be like if you stop doing your current job and generate money through business, what your life would be like? You may want to travel the world with comfort, create a cozy lifestyle for yourself and your family, and gain monetary freedom. You ought to ultimately escape the constraints of 9-5 lifestyles and own your time completely. But then, what happens? Usually, you spend a while considering these thoughts but in the end resort back to your comfort zone. You tell yourself, “You know what? This year is a little too crazy. I’ll start that online business next year!” But that “next year” never comes. So the reason I’m writing is to tell you that 2019 is the year you have to start your online business. There are so many awesome opportunities in it, and also you need to take advantage of it! To help you get started, I’m going to put out 12 crazy business ideas which you can start online. Read them, see which of these you can easily connect with, and start doing your homework on it. Then you need to get started with one, it’s that simple!

1.   Drop shipping:

Ever heard about drop shipping? It’s an amazing business idea. First let me tell you the concept of drop shipping. It’s like creating an online business store to sell someone else’s products. It means you don’t do any kind of manufacturing or shipping. Basically, you do all of the marketing, advertising, and promotion to get the customers and make the sale. Using a drop shipper, you take the payment from your customer on your website, and then you order the item from the supplier at a reduced rate, keeping the profits for yourself. One of the main benefits of drop shipping is that you don’t have to purchase products and sell them. On the contrary, let’s suppose you buy products on wholesale and no one buys it, you will end up losing a lot of money then. Thats’ where drop shipping kicks in and saves you from the hassle of investments. If you learn marketing and become quite good at that, then all you need is a good looking website that you can develop yourself using Shopifyand you are good to go. What is Shopify? Shopify is an amazing service which lets you create your very own e-commerce online store. All you need is to setup the store according to your need, place products and you are good to go. How simple is that!

Success Stories

Patrick Sargento started his first shopify store 5 months ago and made about 14k in first month.

2.   Affiliate Marketing:

Everyone knows about Affiliate Marketing and I bet you know it already too. However, let me explain it for you. In simple words, if you sell a product/service on behalf of others, you’ll get commission in return. But do you know you can make a living out of it?

Few things should be kept in mind before starting:-

  • You have to be passionate about what you do
  • You must learn the processes of affiliate marketing
  • You must have a killer patience
In an affiliate marketing business, making a website is not everything. Below are the key factors which must be kept in mind.
  • Know your Audience
  • Hype of product according to location
  • Product specific to gender
  • Know the basics of Demand & Supply
In order to make money with affiliate marketing. First, you need to sign up on affiliate advertising networks, so you can get the affiliate links of products/services.

Here are a few affiliate marketing platforms, you need to be part of now:

You can earn money by referring visitors to purchase products or services from your affiliate links. Alternatively, you can also sell through Quora answers, or through blogs, as far as your answers stand out and let people click the links you shared.

Success Stories

Spencer Haws started his first Amazon Affiliate website a year ago and is now making $3,000 a month.

3.   Web Development and Designing Services:

Another business idea which I would recommend is to offer web development services in Pakistan. You can also offer your web developing services overseas by the use of freelancing websites. You can also provide additional offerings for instance:
  • Making of WordPress Websites & Customisation Services
  • Offering your Services in different languages like PHP, JAVA, C++ or .Net development
  • Software Development, customisation and maintenance

Learn the following Languages to get started

If you begin with this business ideas in Pakistan from home, you’ll not be needing any sort of considerable investing. However, if you launch this startup professionally, then you’ll need to set up a workplace for business activities.

Freelance Websites you can work with


Freelance Websites:

1. Fiverr 2. Freelancer 3. People Per Hour 4. UpWork 5. iFreelance 6. Toptal

4.   Run a Software House:

Its my personal experience that there is a lot of scope in IT field, if you see it as a business point of view. Only one time investment is needed to setup a software house. You will need a place to start up with all the resources like Electricity, Internet Connection and most importantly, a trustworthy IT team. At first, start with commission based projects, let’s say 30%-70%. After gaining an exposure in the market, you can expand your team and resources. It’s quite a good business idea as far as you are ready to learn a few things. You must be mentally and physically ready for: 1. Handling Challenges 2. Trying out different ideas 3. Communicating with different nature of clients 4. Understanding client’s requirements 5. Finishing Work within Deadlines 6. Meeting new people 7. Knowing your market 8. Staying updated with different marketing trends

5.   Graphic Designer:

You won’t believe if I say that there are graphic designer in this world who are earning millions of dollars a month! You can make this much money too, but you need to ask yourself. Do you have passion for it? Why not to give it a try. Graphic designing involves developing visual merchandise. In graphic designing, here are some small business ideas in Pakistan which you can begin and be an expert in. For instance making: 1. Logos 2. Letter heads 3. Illustrations 4. Flyers 5. Brochures 6. Postcards 7. T- shirt Designs 8. Presentation Templates 9. Annual Graphical Reports 10. Offer your services to local clients and make a living out of it.

Best graphic designing websites to try your skills

1. Patreon 2. Behance 3. Fiverr 4. Freelancer 5. People per hour 6. Upwork

6.   Editorial Services:

Are you an experienced blogger or a content writer? If not then why not to give it a try or try your luck by providing editorial services to people. Do you know there are so many big companies out there who need services of an editor. There are numerous websites on which content is published on daily basis. To upload, review and edit the content, professional and experienced editors are often required. If you have some knowledge of this, then it would be a great business idea for you. Think about it and I believe and hope, you will go for it. To begin getting work as an Editor, try the following websites 1. Fiverr 2. Freelancer 3. People per hour 4. Upwork

7.   Podcasting:

Here’s another interesting business idea for you, that is Podcasting. You might be wondering what is podcasting? It is creating, importing and distributing audio files online. Basically, you create a weblog /website and add your collection of audio documents. In audio files, podcasters talk about subjects like business, advertising, generation or even discuss about fashion and lifestyle. There are topics on every walk of life. If you’ve knowledge about podcasting and have suitable voice, then why don’t you try your luck in this area of interest. You’ll not only share your thoughts with your fans, you could also start podcast marketing. Sponsors will pay you in case you market/advertise their merchandise/services in your podcast episodes. To begin with this business, you’ll need a website, microphone and good Internet connection. Since, starting a podcasting online will require little bit funding, however you’ll also need to pay to hosting companies on monthly basis to maintain your podcasting website.

8.   Tourism Agency:

Start your very own tourism agency in Pakistan. The tourism sector is currently at a reviving stage in Pakistan, but it is  expanding on a larger scale. Government of Pakistan has taken several initiatives in developing tourism and the potential of making money here is huge. Arrival of foreign tourist has been increased in last few years. According to Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation statistics more than 1.5 million foreign tourists visited Pakistan last year.   Steps for Setting up a Tourism Agency Start your tourism agency by setting up a website, Facebook page and an office. You can offer your travel and tourism planning services to tourists both locals as well as to non residents.

9.   Real Estate Agency:

Running a real estate agency is one of the easiest business idea. A person should have the knowledge of this business and your communication skills would matters a lot. If we talk about a “business with low investment and high profit in Pakistan”, then we really need to speak about the Real Estate sector. It is one of the top business ideas in Pakistan, which can be implementable from small scale but has a potential of scalability. It is one of the easiest businesses. However, there are many real estate businesses that are facing problems in their marketing. I have explained this in my recent blog post about real estate business. Give it a good read. Running of real estate agency can be done online. Learn Facebook Marketing and develop leads. These leads (inquiries) will develop a constant flow of revenues for your real estate business. The real estate business is quickly popping up in Pakistan. In reality, it is a profitable in Pakistan and can be started with little investment. Agents earn good commissions on property selling transactions. For small transactions, they generally charge 2%, at the same time as 1% for huge property deals from both parties in a transaction.

10. Selling Smart Phones in Pakistan:

Do you know that selling of smart phones in Pakistan is a successful business idea? I know you must be thinking it’s one of the small business ideas, but look at the bright side, the demand & supply of smart phones are increasing day by day. Recently, Pakistan Advertisers Society published a report that states 70% people are using smartphones. 60% of people are using more than one cell phone. And 68% of people are using Android smart phone. People are crazy about upgrading to new smart phones, then why not you find a vendor who can import you few smart phones and you can start your very own shop or an online e-commerce store. It is expected that this sector will keep up with its grow rate, making it a good option for you.

11. Bird Farming:

For many Pakistanis, bird farming is a best business in Pakistan. If you want to start this business, you will need to buy some bird pairs and let them breed & multiply. Keep in mind, some bird species are very sensitive so they need care, proper environment and good feed. Within a short time, they will be in multiples. Visit your nearest birds or pet market and sell them. You can sell them individually or in a pair. Prices vary from one specie to other, but normally each bird cost is a Rs. 2,000 a minimum, while, a pair can be around Rs. 5,000 a minimum. If you don’t have much investment, then how about creating a website where sellers and buyers can directly sell and purchase birds. You can take commissions on each transaction. Setting up this business idea online will help you achieve success in no time. Just like different Facebook pages which are specialised in selling birds, introduce your breeds on such pages. It’s a profitable business idea, only if you are fond of birds.

12.  Become an Event Organiser:

Do you know becoming an event organiser is one of the coolest business idea ever, because you have the authority to organise an event according to your perspective. But yes, you should have some kind of an experience in this field. Events can be of many types, mostly in Pakistan:
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Musical Concerts
  • Alumni Dinners
  • Small reunion or get togethers
These events are managed by trained or experienced Event Organisers. So, if you think you can become a professional event organiser, then why don’t you give it a try. It will also be a learning experience for you.


It’s a new year and a new chance for you to start an online business. So, create an absolute financial and lifestyle freedom for yourself. Some of the sought after business ideas are discussed. If you need guidance in setting up your online business, then read my blog post about “My Personal Roadmap to Online Business Success”. The first step to do any online  business is to get started and like Shia LaBeouf said: 2019 is all about taking action. With these 12 online business ideas, you have plenty of options to get started with. Don’t wait any longer, and definitely, don’t put it off until next year! Take action today.


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