27 Profitable Niches To Earn Money Those Big Players Don’t Want You To Know Part 1

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So, you want to start earn money and what better option could there be if you could earn money online.

However, when you aim to start your online business, there are many questions that bother you. Amongst them, ‘which product should I sell online’ is by far the most difficult question.

To tell you the truth, the reason it being difficult is that it’s not easy to make your mind settle on any one thing.

There are so many things you fancy, and so many examples you have seen where people earn money fast with different ideas online.

Trust me. I have been there too. When my students ask me how they can earn money from home, I advise them the same and I prefer it for myself too that you must follow your passion and sell products that you are passionate about.

I believe there is another question that comes before the product selection and that is ‘Am I passionate about anything?’

I have presented an in depth solution for this problem in my article.

Having said that, there are certain niches that are great to start your online business in and once you study them in detail and decide to settle for any of them, then it would become much easier for you to earn money online without investment.

Remember. Once you have nailed a great niche and are ready to launch the products on your e-commerce website, your digital marketing strategies need to be cutting edge for your online store to be a hit.

Let’s dive in into these highly profitable and less explored niches.

27 Highly Profitable Niches to Earn Money Online

You are taking a big leap by thinking of  your online business and starting your e-commerce store, so don’t take things for granted. Research all aspects to things and read the following highly profitable niches carefully.

  1. New Born Baby Products
  2. Natural Supplements
  3. Travel & Adventure Products
  4. Men Grooming Products
  5. Gadget & Electronics Accessories
  6. Pets Products
  7. E-Cigarette & Vaping Industry
  8. Weight Loss Products
  9. Baking Products
  10. Wedding Supplies
  11. Home Décor Products
  12. Disease Management Products
  13. Detox Tea Market
  14. Custom T-shirts
  15. Fandom products
  16. Enamel Pins
  17. Subscription Boxes
  18. Toys & Hobbies
  19. Watches
  20. Women jewelry
  21. Kitchen ware
  22. Party supplies
  23. Coconut Oil Products
  24. Art & Craft Products
  25. Sleep & Lounge Wear
  26. Yoga Products
  27. Handmade Products

1.     New Born Baby Products

Baby products market is one of the most profitable markets and there are certain rationales for that. When you are expecting a baby, it’s psychological step that you want to have everything in hand before the baby is born.

Your cautious spending nature is put on a hold and you buy many things that may or may not need.

Parents spend a lot on the products for their first baby. These spending levels go a bit down when the second or third baby joins the family.

Middle-income parents of an infant spend at least $233,160 till 18 years of age, which averages at $12,978 a year, definitely a market you can’t and shouldn’t ignore if you want to earn real money.

There is a whole list of products that we are talking about here. Bibs, diapers, feeders, rompers, oils, creams, car seats, hats, strollers, food, clothing, furniture, monitors, wraps and what not.

If you love kids, then explore this niche to earn money online.

2.     Natural Supplements

Fitness industry is on the rise and it has given birth to many profitable niches within the industry.

If Nike and Adidas are have made a huge fan following within the clothing side of the fitness niche, there are still plenty of unchartered territories.

Natural supplements are a huge sub segment. It’s currently valued at $37 Billion globally and is expected to cross $70 Billion by 2024.

This is a cross cutting theme between fitness, health and wellness industry. The beauty about this segment is that it has recurring income.

Once you have passionate audience and they love your product, then you don’t need to be worried about ways to earn money online. Rather, your regular customers will keep placing monthly orders with you to give you recurring profits.

Moreover, natural supplements are not just the fitness industry niche. They have a kingpin role within the health and wellness industry also.

Natural supplements are used for vitamin D, depression, hair growth, anxiety, arthritis, energy and sleep also.

However, if you want to grab a small piece of this $37 Billion pie, then you need to ensure a few things. If you are going to develop a private label within the natural supplements industry, then quality is the utmost agenda that you just can’t compromise on.

If your product is going in or on your customers, then you need to make sure that it follows all possible health & safety standards and doesn’t put anyone’s life at risk. You must have stringent standards for selecting your suppliers.

3.     Travel & Adventure Products

Thanks to the social media, today millennials opt to travel from their income, instead of increasing their savings like the previous generation.

Every other person you see the profile of on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat would say that they are interested in travel.

Tourism is the 6th largest industry in the world with 217 million international trips being planned each year. This figure is expected to be 320 million by 2020 with 47% growth.

Chinese tourists alone spend $261 Billion on their overseas trip, whereas, the US tourists spend $123 Billion. These staggering high figures tell you one thing that this is a highly lucrative market to be in.

Now comes the question what can you sell within this niche online and how to ear money fast in this niche.

There is a never-ending list of products that you can work on. These include document organizer, travel bottles, duffel bags, multi charger, power bank, emergency torch, travel pillow, tank tops, pill organizer, luggage bags, camera lens, picnic blanket, beach towel, luggage scale, toiletries organizers and many more.

There’s a lot you can do when your customers start spending $5,300 on their international trips.

Keep studying this niche as you can sell so many things to make real money online. Make a great offer to stand out in your travel business. I have a detailed lecture series on this that you may want to check out.

4.     Men Grooming Products

This $22.84 Billion industry is abundant with opportunities for you.  A growing number of millennials are saying yes to the beard trend. Movements like Movember have added cherry on the top.

The traditional brands like Gillette are already feeling run for the money and producing documentaries proving that growing facial hair is not a good option.

Times of India is expecting the beard care market to be a 100 Crore Rupee.

All of this is posing you in one direction. Grow the muscle and ear money now in beard market. There are plenty of products that your online store can sell.

These may include matte clay, beard shampoo, face scrub, shine moisturizer, beard trimmer, manicure kits, night cream, beard oil, beard brush, beard comb, mustache wax, beard scissor, beard balm, and many more.

Product sourcing would be the key here and you need to make sure that you select the right suppliers who are trust worthy and appreciate your business.

5.     Gadgets & Electronics Accessories

You must have seen many new entrepreneurs starting up their online stores in this niche. The market is currently full of online stores selling gadgets and electronics.

Try searching online for a mobile phone and you’ll see plenty of online stores trying to replicate what Flipkart, Amazon.in, Daraz.pk have already done successfully. So, why compete in a highly crowded market?

The real money now is in the accessories. Yes, the gadgets and electronic accessories market has opportunities for you to earn money from home.

You can start your e-commerce store in this niche and exploit this to be $59 Billion industry.

The rising demand in mobile phones, the changing trend of DSLR and the deep penetration of Go Pro are raising the demand of gadget and electronics accessories eventually.

Come to think of it if there is going to be an increase in demand for gadget, there would be simultaneously an increase in demand for the accessories. India alone had a 14% surge in demand to 124 million mobile units in 2017.

You don’t just buy a mobile phone, a DSLR camera, a smart watch alone. Do You? you also buy bags, cases, covers, tripods, batteries, cleaners, handles, protectors, belts, sticks, mounts, straps, filters, caps, headsets, adapters, and docking stations. Isn’t it.

Start wearing your thinking hats to explore the opportunities if you are ready to earn money online without investment.

6.     Pets Products

Pets industry is set to be at $202 Billion by 2025. Yet in India alone there are 600,000 pets adopted each year. Currently at $800 million in India, this industry is ready for new players.

Pets market in Pakistan is catching up in big numbers. Thanks to the growing residual income that people are ready to spend in pet adoption. The opportunity here is not the regular pets products but to think outside the box.

Once you start exploring this opportunity, you must think of the products where there is not much competition. These may include in-house cleaning, animal toys, animal bed designing, animal home designing, animal treats, pet bandana designing, fur dying, pets clothing and many more.

Start doing your research in it and I can tell you that your excitement would increase once you roll in the numbers for your online store.

The key to success is to develop awesome strategy-backed marketing campaigns to win in this market. Learn the marketing techniques if you aim to earn money online without investment.

7.     E-Cigarette & Vaping Industry

Most of the smokers have thought of quitting at least at one time in their lives. There have been many solutions to this including nicotine patches, nicotine inhalers, and nicotine chewing gums. But none has really grabbed the market by the horns with a simple and effective solution like vaping. No wonder it is expected to be $61 Billion by 2025.

There are many leading players taking the ride of the market. NJOY, Jules, Kilo, S Mount, Altria, British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands, Japan Tobacco, are some of the leading players in this market.

You don’t need to worry about such big names because its not just about creating the device as e-cigarette.

There needs to be the salt nicotine liquid. There are thousands and thousands of liquid combinations and you can certainly private label yours from a trusted manufacturer.

Once you do this successfully, you can have a regular flow on income because buying the liquid for the e-cigarette device is a regular activity, bringing you sustainable income.

Start your online business and explore this market. It’s a great way to earn money online.

8.     Weight Loss Products

Weight loss is an evergreen niche and is not going away any time soon. Based on the wrong eating habits, genetic makeup and media projections of being slim, the weight loss market shows a rosy picture for your online business.

Don’t get this wrong. Weight loss products are not just vitamin B, D, iron, magnesium, green tea, or weight loss pills. It includes much more than that.

Weight loss diet plans; belts, books, drinks, workout video courses, elliptical, stair stepper, treadmill, and dumb bells also fall in this category.

There’s a lot that can be done in this $175 Billion industry as far as you focus on new products and don’t rush into the highly competitive items to make money online.

9.     Baking Products

This is one of the oldest forms of cooking and reaches to $433 Billion in market size. People have been in love with these products for centuries and yet it is still evolving.

The ways to earn money online in this market niche is to sell products and accessories related to baking to the audience you would like to target.

When it comes to the audience, there are men and women equally in love with baking. However, millennial women are the right market for these niche products.

You must have seen such cases from your life where many women would have told you that they don’t like cooking, but they love baking.

When you decide to open up your online store in this niche, the note this down that your focus is not going to be selling pastries, pies, cookies, buns, donuts or bread.

Rather you may be selling spatula sets, silicon trays, cupcake holders, cake serving trays, over mitts and many more items in this niche.

10. Wedding Supplies

Who out there is not aware of the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’. Come to think of it. You marry the one you love from the core of your heart and are ready to share your life with this special one.

When you are planning your wedding, then who cares about the saving money. This has led people spend in access of $300 Billion on their weddings.

You are more than welcome to spend $46 million if you are a Prince Harry or Meghan Markle.

Well, I can bet you are not, otherwise you would have not been reading about the niches, rather enjoying your stay at Windsor Castle.

Nonetheless, this is the time of your life where budgets don’t matter and that’s where you can sell loads of stuff to this audience.

From candles to cake stand, from photo booth props to chair décor, from table numbers to thank you cards, from guest book to seating signs, the list is never ending and so should be your business.

11. Home Décor Products

With one of the highest growth rate, the Indian home décor market is all set to cross INR 40,000 Crore by 2020. There is an influx of people adopting urban lifestyle, more residual income and social influence touching the roof; this is a perfect market where you can make earn extra money.

If you have any doubts on the strength of this niche, then try out Pinterest and see millions of pins just referring to home décor ideas.

No wonder IKEA very rightly says ‘Home is where the heart is’.

New entrants like Houzz and Wayfair have cracked the market to a great extent and are bursting with home décor ideas, but that’s not the end of the world for you.

You can sell wall art, frames, mirrors, artificial plants, decorative pillows, rugs, lighting, throws, curtains, candles and what not.

Start exploring this today to make money online from home.

12. Disease Management Products

You can’t start a pharmaceutical company online, either you should. I always this that you must be careful when you sell something that goes in someone’s body or on someone’s body and your quality checks need to be real stringent.

However, think of people who are suffering with diabetes, or Alzheimer’s, and other related diseases. These people need a lot of products that your innovative skills can create.

How about a location update device for people suffering with Dementia or Alzheimer’s! Do you know that there are more than 4 million people suffering with dementia?

In Pakistan, the number of Alzheimer’s patients has crossed 0.2 million.

You still think this is a small market segment? WHO reports that there are 422 million people in the world with diabetes and 17% of Saudi Arabia’s population is diabetic.

Patients and their caretakers buy socks, wipes, swabs, cookbooks, medicine pouches, record books, foot warmers, travel packs, and many more items. Same is true with other disease.

Keep learning more about this to start your online business.

13. Detox Tea Market

This $49 Billion market is one of the evergreen segments that hasn’t seen much of a decline. Tasty, isn’t it!

However, people prefer to use detox tea for medicinal and health purposes. If you want to reduce weight, have a better digestive system, a functioning liver and to clear toxin, you would look into detox tea as an option.

Don’t you think that the leading brands also face the music of the market trends when it comes to money?

Lipton jumped on the bandwagon with its green tea campaign to remain slim and smart.

There are many smaller niches within this segment that can be a great money puller for you.

Its an interesting market segment as it would give you recurring revenues through repeat orders.

Develop a killer marketing strategy and start your online business today.

14. Custom T-Shirts

Here’s another example of an evergreen market that you can earn money online fast. The sales of the t-shirts almost remain the same throughout the year and the designs are endless.

You must have known Teespring and Teelaunch where you design and sell your custom t-shirt. This is amazing for people who want to earn money online with investment, however you would still need to develop a great marketing strategy to win in this segment.

Also, you can design some unique t-shirts and sell through your own Shopify store. Not bad if you have a great command on your marketing skills.

Continue reading about the remaining 13 niches in part 2.


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