27 Profitable Niches To Earn Money Those Big Players Don’t Want You To Know Part 2

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We talked about 14 profitable niches which will help you earn money fast in part 1. (If you haven’t read part 1 already, Click Here)

Now, We will discuss the remaining 13 niches and how you can benefit from them.

Let get started!

15. Fandom Products

If you are a Harry Potter fan or you binge watch Rick & Morty, Game of Thrones, Star Wars or House of Cards for that matter, then you know that fandom industry is huge.

There are many niches within the fandom industry that needs to be explored. Ideally, you need a license to sell the merchandise that people would go crazy for.

Its more of an inner circle of people who are crazy fans for a TV or web series, movie, books, or trilogy. Its about their inner jokes, dialogues, acts and actions that people who are fans would understand.

However, you don’t have to have a license to be smart. You may want to change the lines whilst still referring to make money. For example, instead of selling “You Don’t Know John Snow” mug or a t-shirt, how about selling ‘John Snow finally knows’.

I know that’s a bad job I did there, but you know what I mean. Be creative and take action. Here are some of the fandom products from SpreadshirtCafepress, and Redbubble.

16. Enamel Pins & Pocket Squares

After seeing trends come and go, enamel pins are back in action. There are a huge number of online retailers selling enamel pins and you can find decent manufacturers on Alibaba who can do it for you.

From simple Indie designers to your denim jacket, enamel pins are posing a profitable niche for times to come. The Google Trends is showing an optimistic figure in a market where the profits are pretty decent.

You may want to get some inspirations from Pinmart to start your store. Punkypins could be your next stop to see the margins in this game.

Likewise, pocket squares are trending. Men who prefer professional attire adopt for pocket squares and handkerchiefs. A simple silk, lightweight cotton or linen can make your business rock, if your designs are great.

You may want to get some inspirations from Ties, & Indochino. Make sure you write a blog also and educate your audience how to fold pocket squares and make various shapes out of it.

Once you deliver value to people, they start falling in love with your brand. The more love you have, the more potential of sales you can achieve.

17. Subscription Boxes

The world has been many subscription boxes startups popping in day in day out. Some of them have done crazy business, whilst some of them are disrupting the industries.

It’s an awesome business if regular recurring income is your focus. South Asians are best markets for subscription businesses particularly if your product ideas focus on children, gaming, and food.

Whenever there is a discussion about subscription boxes, Birch Box and Dollar Shave Club can’t be missed out. They both took the business from nothing to billion dollar successes in no time.

Some subscription ideas that you can study may include Try The WorldKiwi CrateFreedom Japanese MarketFatFitFun, and Blue Apron.

18. Toys & Hobbies

Ever wonder how much of your monthly budget goes to birthday presents, gifts and toys. I still have to find someone who doesn’t spend at least $20-30 a month. With an increase in middle class and upward growing residual income, the frequent celebrations of birthday parties has appeared to a great extent in South Asia. This $88 Billion industry is waiting for you to enter.

The toy industry is perfectly set up for going online. There is a massive potential and lesser competition.

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers can order a birthday present from your Facebook page or website and get it delivered in time before the birthday party starts. All wrapped up to excellence.

There are many niches that you can explore within the toy industry. These are board games, video games, indoor games, outdoor games, adventure games, card games, electronic toys, baby toys, children toys, boy toys, educational toys, and much more.

Likewise, the market for hobbies for kid and especially for adults is evergreen. It’s a famous saying “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing”. There’s a child inside all of us. We all had hobbies whilst growing up but later we got so busy in worthless worldly chores that we forgot to live.

How about selling items within the hobbies niche that adults can easily buy from your website. Dancing, learning, photography, videography, coin collection, crafting, bird watching, calligraphy and many others are your go-to place for learning. Think about it. If your online marketing strategy is perfect, then this industry can easily help you to earn money from home.

19. Watches

Apple, Android & Fitbit may be destroying the watch business but that’s where you find the massive opportunities. Not everyone is going to shift on Apple and Android, thus opening the room for your watch business online to sell Swiss watches.

Likewise, who stops you from selling Android watches? Alibaba is full of suppliers who are ready to do all the work for you. I recently did a case study and showed how I made $3,000 in 3 days without investment in this niche. You can give it a good read and learn from it.

20. Women Jewelry

Necklaces, pendants, bangles, earrings, bracelets, and crochets are some of the segments within the jewelry industry. However, it is significant to note that there are many sub segments and niches within this area.

Lokai is an example where the piece is not, silver, gold or diamond; rather it’s the outside the box thinking that is making it work.

In your online business, you can come up with unique designs made from the materials not commonly used and still sell pretty well.

Regardless of what people think, the jewelry industry is here to stay and is not going anywhere as many people predicted. Come with the right marketing plan and decide if you are going to target women or men to buy it as a gift. Your marketing plan can make or break your business. Read my article and avoid these mistakes in your online business.

21. Kitchenware Products

This $2.1 Billion market is the best niche for you to sell many products to the residents who aim to improve their lives.

The beauty about this niche is that the products run out, break down, and torn apart and then there is more demand for such items.

When you start exploring this niche, you will realize that the list is endless. You can sell cookware sets, cookware pans, grill, ceramic pans, cutlery, utensils, knives, slicer, grater, chopping board, serving tools, lemon squeezer and what not.

Start with one product and then expand with a scaling blueprint. I have a series of lectures where I have narrated the scaling plan and procedure for your online business that you may want to check out.

22. Party Supplies

You must have witnessed an influx of event managers around the world. Comparatively, there are many more events and parties being organized by professional teams then our predecessor generation.

An average birthday party would require many supplies from caps, balloons, ribbons, props, cake, candles, lights, music to cake table décor.

All of these items are not always commonly available in the market. Think about a theme party. There are a limited number of places where you can get all the accessories for the said theme.

Many a times you would have seen these event managers designing and printing their own artworks for such theme parties. How convenient would it be if there is an online store supplying accessories for all major themes. Not only this online store will get business from the customers but the event managers would love to buy from this one-stop shop for all their business needs.

23. Coconut Oil Products

Coconut oil is quite a many medicinal and health benefits. It can be used in treating eczema, and skin conditions. It has positive properties for neonatal health and is also used as moisturizer. Coconut oil is a main ingredient in food in Far East and people consume it everyday.

However, the question is what can you do and how can you take advantage of it? The Google Trend is showing an upward movement and this trend is here to stay.

You can sell coconut oil infused lipstick, coconut charcoal face mask, coconut spray body lotion, coconut shampoo, coconut cream, coconut tanning moisturizer, coconut oil sugar scrub, oil lotion and many other combinations of coconut oil.

Find a supplier on Alibaba and start developing the product that you believe is perfect for you to sell. Read my article on how to source your products from oversea.

24. Art & Craft Products

I am in love with this niche. No matter how much bad times or recession may try to hit, this industry remains evergreen. Not only this is a homegrown industry where we have seen multi million dollar brands taking over, the demand is unparalleled.

Lately, schools have started quite a many art & craft activities. Can you recall the time when your kids where given a project and you started helping them out and had to run to the art shops? That’s where the demand is taking you.

Have you seen how kids went crazy with slime products, the squeegees, the molds and ceramic pots.

You can sell a lot many products in this niche including crayons, watercolors, yarn, scraps, straws, sponge, glue sticks, aluminum foil, beads, paper, boxes, leaves to name a few.

You need to prepare your online game well to earn money online.

25. Sleep & Lounge Wear

This is one of the fastest growing market niche with a size of around $40 Billion. This is going to be your best homerun if you sell high quality products at affordable prices.

The pyjama sets, tops & tees, dressing gowns, cami, vests, night dress, nighties, onesie, pants, masks & shorts may be the core selling items here but there is always something new that you can think of.

The money is not in competing the bigger players. The real money is in looking for sub niches within this niche. This could be plus sizes, double and triple extra large sizes that your main competitor is not producing. The designs that stand out from the crowd that people would love.

The key is to study the players that have done well and learning from their experiences to make your online store a success.

26. Yoga Products

This $12 Billion industry with its roots in India has created millionaires than many industries combines. Yoga is less of a routine and more of a lifestyle. It is one of the segments where you find a true fan base and passionate audience.

In order to earn money fast, you must be looking at selling yoga towel, yoga mat, yoga bag, yoga hand towel, yoga block, yoga strap, yoga blanket, yoga bolster, yoga mat cleaner, yoga sling, water bottle and many such items.

You must note that you don’t need to worry about competition here because not every major player is great in every game. You can always create a name for yourself if you are ready to persevere.

27. Handmade Products

If you are ready to create a marketplace or sell with uniqueness, this is the niche you are looking for. Handmade goods have been in demand for a long time. Etsy is a living proof that handmade products sell well.

If you are based in South Asia, this is great for you. As you have access to many handicraft makers, so you can look for selling them globally with ease.

Sky is the limit for what you can sell. Wood, beads, river stone, textile, wrought iron, metal and ceramic are some of the mediums that can work great for your online business.

To make your store a success, meet new handicraft makers regularly. Study online which product created a few success stories and replicate the process.


There are zillions of ways to earn money online from home, however, you need to develop your online business and online marketing skills first. In the world we live in today, people don’t buy what they need. They buy what is sold well.

Once your digital marketing skills sharpened then feel free to explore any opportunity that comes your way.

In this article, I have tried to present what you may need to start an online business. What you need to do after reading it is to start small, start amateur, but at least start. Every step taken in the right direction takes you closer to your destination.

Well begun is half done!

Start your online business and keep asking your questions so that I keep adding value wherever I can.


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