It Pays a lot to be the Best

But it Pays way more to work with the Best!

Imtinan focuses on strategies and the fundamentals of successful marketing, rather than tactics and simple marketing tips you read on most blogs on the Internet.

"Only if people could help each other, there would be no problem left to solve in the world and we will create a society we all want to live in."
- Imtinan Ahmad

Imtinan Ahmad, the award winning Entrepreneur, has helped over thousands of entrepreneurs through private coaching and is still ready to give back. 


Here, you and your team will work hand in hand with Imtinan. He will act as your marketing adviser and will help you strategize your entire performance marketing system, for new and improved results along with continuous growth.

Imtinan will guide and help you through all your business issues and will come up with a solid marketing plan. A plan that is best for your business and without a doubt will take it to new heights!

Accelerator Call

A 60 minutes session with Imtinan to accelerate and speed up your current marketing strategies or to discuss anything and everything that can improve your sales & business performance. He will be working with you & your team for achieving better and top-notch results!

This will purely be a 1 on 1 session in which you and your team will be able to concentrate on core & hidden issues of return on marketing investments and increase performance numbers.This consulting session is only for those who are truly dedicated to achieving success.