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E-commerce & Drop Shipping Mastery Program

Why this is exactly for you:

E-Commerce business is making billions of dollars every year and thousands of these dollars are coming right in the pocket of your friend who is silently running his online E-commerce store & doing E-commerce & Drop shipping from home.

Pakistan’ only practical & theoretical program that guarantees you that you will start generating orders within 02 Days from your own Online E-commerce store.

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You Don’t Need Products, Supplies, or Warehouse to Start Your E-commerce Store


E-commerce is a $ 3.5 trillion industry and Pakistanis are unaware of that. Having a decent pie of the BIG cake is better than not having anything at all. 

E-commerce is technical business but NOT HARD AT ALL. It’s time to Master the E-commerce Business and Start Your Own E-commerce Store. 

Here are the 4 Major Learning Items that you will learn in this Program:

1. Building a Website with Shopify without CODING

2. Building Drop Shipping Business without Products

3. Successful Marketing & Website Traffic Strategies 


Drop shipping:

Drop shipping is a very efficient and reliable method of making money online. Starting your own drop shipping business does not require you to keep your products in stores. Instead of this, your store sells the products online by passing the sales order to any third party supplier, who then ships the order to your customer.

In this course, our highly expert Instructors will train you on all the successful tactics in order to help you earn by drop shipping.


Shopify is one of the most emerging and widely used E-Commerce platforms in the market today. Millions of people all across the worlds have built online E-Commerce stores on Shopify and they are making good amounts of money from it too.

In this program, you will learn how to create a complete online store from scratch and how to manage it properly to generate the revenues from it.


Our Instructors believe that people don’t buy what is best out there, people only buy what is sold well. 

In this program, you will learn HOW TO SELL ANYTHING WELL ONLINE. Without marketing, your e-commerce store will be just another website on the Internet out of billions. 

To stand out from the crowd and to make exponential sales, you need to learn and implement effective marketing strategies, which you will learn within this course.

About Imtinan Ahmad

Mr. Imtinan Ahmad – the award winning Entrepreneur has built multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses for himself and for his clients & that’s in dollar terms, literally. He has helped over 85,000 e-commerce entrepreneurs through online learning, lectures, and private coaching & still ready to give back. He holds a MSc. degree in Marketing from The University of Manchester, UK, a Chartered Marketer, UK, and he’s also an MBA in Marketing.

Imtinan’s client list includes The World Bank, Uncicef, State Bank of Pakistan, Mercy Corps, Govt. of Afghanistan, Govt. of Pakistan, SAARC, Islamic Relief, Mercy Corps, Save the Children, Jazz, Telenor and many more. 

Learn how to build, manage and create online e-commerce stores and how to do effective world-class marketing for your store. 

Joining this
program will help you with:

Setting up & successfully running your E-Commerce Store

Engaging and Attracting customers on your E-Commerce store and make them purchase your products and delight them to become your regular customers

Creating an E-Commerce inbound marketing strategy of your own

By the end of this course, you can easily transcend from Zero to an absolute Hero

By joining this program, You get the access to our highly experienced and qualified team of experts that provide you hand holding support for 30 Days and unlimited access for full year.

Above all, the instructors will be with you, all the way down while building your online business store, to help you troubleshoot all the issues you may face.

Who should attend this Course:

Entrepreneurs aiming to start their online business

Small or Medium sized business owners

No prior website building experience or coding knowledge is needed

This program is not for you if you are willing to learn PHP, HTML or CSS and build an E-Commerce website using these language platforms

Graduates and students with passion and high learning abilities

Course Outline

In this E-commerce & Drop Shipping Mastery Program, our Instructors will cover the following modules:

•    Module 1:
     Pakistani E-commerce & Drop Shipping & Local E-commerce

•    Module 2:
     International E-commerce & Drop Shipping & Social Commerce

•    Module 3:
     Advance Certificate in Social Media Marketing

•    Module 4:
     7-DayIncome Challenge

•    Module 5:
     Shopify Web Development

•    Module 6:
     Daraz E-commerce Success

•    Module 7:
     Affiliate Marketing

•    Module 8:
     Search Engine Optimization

•    Module 9:
     Freelancing & Bidding

•    Module 10:
     Young Entrepreneur Program

•    Module 11:
     Young Entrepreneur Program

•    Module 12:

•    Module 13:
     Content Writing

•    Module 14:
     Mastery in Google Ads, Search Console & Analytics

     And much much more!

3 Days

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E-Commerce & Drop shipping Program

Rs. 34,500

Rs. 34,500

Rs. 34,500

One Time Fee

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