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Why You Need Visibility as a C-Suite

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Executive Branding to Build You As a Thought leader

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We Boost Your Competence & Build Your Persona to Attract Your Future Employers

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We Build Your Narrative & Display Your Achievements on Social, Digital & Mainstream Media

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Dear Executive,

Do you know that the most important element of your business sustainability is YOU? At Askimtinan.com, our experience has taught us that an executive’s expertise and reputation are the core assets that should never depreciate even if the company’s stock takes a dive.

You are the first public communicator in your company. This is exactly why you are responsible for speaking with journalists & media, and you are the primary custodian of your organisation’s corporate image.

As the global economy evolves into a knowledge-based system, consumers desire to interact with real people behind corporate curtains. Thus, a favorable perception of your persona will yield impressive returns on the reputation for your enterprise.

More importantly, perhaps, for the forward-thinking c-suite executive, who are outside their current organisational constraints! A strong executive brand is a sure pathway to rise above your current company’s confines and attract the attention of other blue-chip companies that are always headhunting for global executives. It’s time for you to lay the foundation for your executive brand, so that you can be seen and known as a globally recognised and respected expert.

We offer comprehensive Executive Branding support by Revamping through following mediums:

Communicate your expertise: Your years of continuous learning and increased corporate responsibilities should be documented – and accessible by a global audience via credible professional networks like LinkedIn, and Twitter. Choose platforms where your target audience is actively present and contribute to conversations via insightful posts, thought leadership articles, and other strategic content formats which demonstrate your professional capital the best.

Step Out Into Media: Gaining earned media for your thought leadership articles is nothing to be shy of. When we communicate your expertise in a manner media loves it, it gives you instant visibility & more credibility. Period!

Launch Impact Projects for Authenticity: A definite result-oriented method to prove your professional expertise is to launch strategic impact projects. We brainstorm ideas, host publicity events, plan exposure initiatives that showcase your outstanding professionalism within your industry.

Initiate Strategic Collaborations: Strategic collaboration with is a surefire visibility measure. It works perfectly in business where the tactic can bring media exposure. We design such initiatives for your personal brand. As a C-suite, it is not enough to make deals for bottom line profits only, you should consider the visibility for your executive brand as well.

Select a Reliable Branding Partner: To build an executive brand, it is imperative to select a partner who has been there and done that before. Someone who has seen the other side of the table, launched own brands and can relate with the pain a C-level executive faces. Under the supervision of Imtinan Ahmad, our team at Askimtinan.com has hands on experience of building personal & executive brands.

How Our Process Works




We start with a 1 hour discovery session with key members of your sales & marketing organization to get a firm grasp on your company’s offerings, your key value proposition, and your ideal target audience.




Before starting any work, we establish key performance indicators, goals and objectives so we have something solid to work towards and measure success against.




We Brainstorm, Create, Imagine and Develop Content Strategy & Content Pieces that Create a Sound Impression About You and Builds Your Impression as a Sought After Thought Leader.




We Love Building Your Amazing Brand Story that Your Audiences Admire, But More Importantly, Even the Heroes Need Numbers. We Focus on Your Followers Growth, Enhance Your Audience Reach & Delier on Targeted Numbers to Ensure Sustainability of Your Executive Brand.

The World Leading Full Service Executive Branding Agency

We adopt a unique model in delivering executive branding services and offer an extensive range of services from online reputation management to tailored brand guides and bespoke communications plans for busy executives.

Get in touch with us to receive our Executive Branding Service Guide to determine what suits you best. With AskImtinan.com, you can now delegate the management of your Executive Brand to our dedicated Professional to save you time, leverage available resources, and discover untapped opportunities for measurable impact and outcomes.