Issues Faced by Your Facebook Business

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  I get a lot of emails every day related to issues, which people face in online business. People ask me solutions that how to overcome these issues. The thing is, a lot of people are running online businesses and facing numerous problems. There are a lot of opportunities in the online industry, but these opportunities are so many that you and I can’t have the whole market share because of high competition. I have seen that most of the people who are running a successful business, won’t even bother helping others who are in a struggling phase in the online industry. Only if people could help each other, there would be no problem left to solve in the world and we will create a society we all want to live in. In rough times, people who are failing in online business need technical guidance. For that, people search for various articles or forums on the Internet to get help and have a successful online business. But on various forums and in varied articles, people have shared their own personal opinions and the solutions they mention is heresy, are not even tested by themselves. In this situation, a person should listen and try out those methods, which are implemented by people who are running a successful online business to overcome their issues. If you are facing issues, then read this article how I solved my business problems, when I started my online business. To solve any problem, you first need to know how big the problem is and then you need to workout to solve them. But let’s discuss the key factors first why do the businesses start with a Facebook flop?

Reason#1: Conversion Metrics

There are many friends out there who are running online Facebook businesses, they use engagement campaigns, conversion campaigns and even use traffic campaigns. But eventually, their conversion metrics are not that good.

Reason#2: Landing Page Views > Add to Card

They may have good landing page traffic but that traffic doesn’t convert, which is a serious issue. Even if few conversions are made, those purchases are not made regularly. It means you have only a few customers and that is the major online business issue. People don’t know, what actions should be performed to boost conversions. So, it’s better to first learn, what are the principles of a successful online business.

Reason#3: Cost of sale / Purchase

I get a lot of emails from people who face issues regarding the cost of sale /purchase. They state that most of their profit margin is spent in various Facebook campaigns. They have got decent conversions but the cost to get each sale is so high that they can’t run the business. I have explained in my lectures that the actual game is to lower the cost of sales. If your cost of sale is more, then how you’re going to survive in the market?  

Reason#4: Unpredictable custom audience

There is another problem, when you make custom audiences, the behaviour of custom audience is not that much predictable as expected. For example: If you are running an ad set with lookalike audience, or with any existing customer audience, or landing page views audience, your campaign performs very well on the first day, but when your campaign gets optimised at 3rd or 4th day, then it doesn’t perform that well. What’s the core issue here?

Reason#5: Engagement vs Conversions

Another big question. Engagements are always good but conversions are always bad. What’s the issue here? What’s the reason that engagement campaign gets optimised easily, but conversion campaigns takes time? What to do in those situations? That’s an important question, isn’t?

Reason#6: Traffic Flow & Budgets

Sometimes, your traffic flow is not predictable. At first, you have a good amount of traffic, but then it eventually gets less or the visitors stop turning in. Why your reach is not according to your prediction? There are issues, but none that can’t be solved. There are solutions to this problem also but only if you are ready to work. Next we have budgets, if your marketing budget is not in your control, then what’s the point of running an online Facebook business? I can’t stress enough that you need to first learn the basic steps of running an online business and then optimise your business strategy.

Reason#7: Targeting Confusion

Some people think they know how to target the right audience. But if I see their targeting, everything is selected in their campaign interest groups, which is never an advisable solution. Targeting is a technical activity and needs your time and energy both. This is a skilful task and must be followed correctly in letter and spirit.

Reason#8: Bait Offers & Funnels

Bait offers & funnels are a significant part of an online business. People fall when they fail to make an enticing offer for their customers. For example, you see a product on Ali Express and you put that product on your page, it will not sell because it needs a good offer. Where is that great offer or sales funnel of your business? Not everyone can be your customer, mark my words. From 100% market, 10% or maybe 1% are going to be your customers. If you are not using a funnel, then you are making a big mistake here.

Reason#9: Holiday Offers

Sometimes, when you run a campaign, it performs pretty, well but over the weekends, it doesn’t perform. Now, what to do? All these issues need your attention. With a concentrated strategy of marketing, you can solve this pretty quickly.

Reason#10: AD Set & Delivery Optimisation

What should your daily reach, or delivery optimisation is? If you test & try, you will surely get results, but the budgets that will be spent in this testing will be nothing but huge level experiments. So, isn’t it better to first learn what to do?

Reason#11: Passionate Audience

Every businessman/woman dreams that whenever their ad campaign runs, everyone become their customer. There is a passionate audience like this who would love to buy your products/services, but how to find this passionate audience? That’s the main question.  


In this article, I am stressing on the significance of solving your business concerns. To summarise in few words, let me say Unlearn Everything & Learn the Right Way”.  The purpose of unlearning everything is to learn all these methods from the very beginning in the right way. Once you have learnt the right processes, you would need the products that you can sell. I have discussed “Product sourcing: What to sell online”in detail in my blog post. Give it a read to get started with your online business.


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