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Pakistan’s First and Only ‘Business Launch Program’


We Uncover Your True Business Potential to Recommend You the Befitting Business to Start!


From Strategic Planning, Asset Sourcing, Training to your Business Launch – We’ve Got You Covered!

Preparing YOU TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS. SELL WELL & Become business champion

We Help You Scale Up Your Business, Outperform Your Competitors, & Achieve Amazing Sales!

Welcome To Your New Business Strategy

One that yields:

More Profits

More Revenue
More Freedom
More Clients
More Opportunities
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In the world we live in today, relying solely on one source of income is not enough. Every now and then, you face recession in the local or global economy, you witness downsizing occurring at your workplace or fresh graduates replacing you as cost-effective alternative. In short, you will be redundant very soon unfortunately. Thus, you need to think about another source of income that is totally independent of your current livelihood.

Problem Nobody Addressed

Regrettably, in Pakistan, when you were growing up, nobody ever mentioned to you that you need to have multiple sources of income way before the age of 40, since our eating patterns and lifestyle choices make our heath deteriorate exponentially and it’s a downward hill after 40.

Flagship Innovative Solution

This is why Imtinan Ahmad, along with his winning team, has launched Pakistan’s first and only Business Launch Program (BLP). This is Imtinan Ahmad’s flagship program that launches you as an entrepreneur, helps you create your business from scratch, and hands over the busines reign to you on a turnkey basis.

We Offer Comprehensive Business Launch Solutions Including but Not Limited to The Following:

If you are eager to start your business and attract more profits and revenue; and are ready to build your business brand but you need a team to help you, and a mentor to guide you. Imtinan Ahmad & his winning team at Askimtinan.com is the perfect partner for you. We help you launch your business and define a business strategy to earn maximum revenue.

“There are many business advisors out there but no one actually launches the whole business for you. I am thankful that I chose Sir Imtinan & his team because only a mentor who has launched many businesses successfully before can guide you right. Team Askimtinan.com has far exceeded my expectations. Alhamdulillah! My business is now exceeding even my own expectations, I am free from 9 to 5 rut & today, I employ 7 people in my business”.

Ahsan Jamal

Founder & CEO Blue Ocean Digital

During the British Alumni Awards, the British Council recently recognized Imtinan Ahmad’s contribution. Imtinan Ahmad was selected by Crain’s USA 40 under 40 Award – one of the most prestigious business awards in the United States, which was previously presented to Barack Obama in 1991 and Oprah Winfrey in 1989. The appreciation and recognition didn’t stop there. Be it the ‘Asian Business Tiger Award’ or ‘The Most Aspiring Individual Award’, Imtinan humbly owes all this to Almighty Allah for letting him choose the right field and enabling him to help others struggling entrepreneurs in Business Launch & customer acquisition. Since then, there has been no looking back.

This Program is Not For Everyone:



Please press the Back Button if:

  1. You are someone who is at the start of his/her career.
  2. You do not even have one established source of income.
  3. You are under financial pressure and need income fast.



This Program is Best Suited For the Following Types of People:

  1. You have an existing source of income and are currently at mid-career.
  2. You are busy in fulltime position but you can spare your weekends for your new business.
  3. You aim to cover your kitchen cost first and you can wait till the business scales up.

What Does the Business Launch Program (BLP) Cover?

The Business Launch Program (BLP) is a 360-degree holistic business launchpad that first understands your background, your passion, your experience and then recommends the best suited trending businesses to you based on our extensive internal research. After this, our stellar team launches the complete business for you, gains initial clients for you and then hands you over the switch of your business. That’s not all, the team even sources the machines, helps you with your marketing and provides you with on-demand Launch services that you need for expanding your business. Amazing? Yes, we know it.

Pakistan’s First and Only ‘Business Launch Program’


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