Milk the Money from Instagram by doing Instagram Influencer Marketing

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Do you have an Instagram account with a few hundred followers and your following is slowly climbing the ladder as you become a Social Media Influencer?

Are you ready to monetize your influence better? Or are you completely new to the world of Instagram Influencer Marketing? And you are very much inclined to start your beautiful journey?

That’s what I am going to brief you in this complete and easy guide on how to make money on Instagram by doing Instagram Influencer Marketing.

Instagram influencer marketing and followers

Traditional Fields is NOT where You Become Rich

You know, when we are in school and college, we are persuaded to choose the traditional fields of engineering and medicine so that we will have a guaranteed job and we will be making tons of money. However, on the offset of the third decade of the 21st century, the dynamics of the job market and business sector have immensely changed.

So, if you still have the mentality that you can earn a lot of money by being a traditional office worker, who works from 9 am to 5 am, let me tell you that you are wrong. The major businesses and industries are vastly moving towards modern technology, including robotics, and artificial intelligence and the market for the workforce is reducing day by day. So, No! Traditional mainstream sectors are not the place to become rich.


Now you might be thinking that if I cannot become rich by being a part of these traditional jobs, then can I ever become rich? Will my financial situation ever change? Will I ever have the money that I dreamed of and will be able to afford any luxury that I want?

The answer to these questions is YES! Yes, you can become rich even if you don’t follow the typical conventional fields. You can have your life changed for good. You can become rich, and you will be able to afford all those luxuries that have been dreaming all your life.

Instagram Influencer Marketing is the most proficient way to earn money.

Some Basic but Extremely Important Point you just Cannot Ignore:

You’ve probably heard stories of Instagrammers cashing in on the pictures they snap and share every day. You might’ve even looked at your own sizeable following and thought, “Maybe I can do that too.”

1. Instagram Influencer Marketing…A Gateway to Reach Mass Audience

Digital Marketing, especially Instagram Influencer Marketing, is the most significant aspect in this day and age with regards to contacting a mass crowd. Not every person sits in front of the TV throughout the day. Also, significantly fewer individuals sit in front of the TV in the prime time when contrasted with earlier decades.

How I made followers by doing Instagram Influencer Marketing

However, individuals are continually using their telephones and checking their Instagram feed. This makes contacting the individuals far simpler as they will check their Instagram feed on numerous occasions a day and Instagram Marketing can be a heavenly method to develop the outreach for any item and acquire huge amounts of cash.

2. Instagram Influencer Marketing is the Opportunity to make MONEY

Instagram Marketing is presumably the most financially savvy strategy as you will not need millions in the form of initial capital to launch your company or to invest in the stock exchange. Moreover, your venture of starting Instagram Marketing will be a sound project as your money will not be at risk and yet you will be able to earn tons of cash anyway.

Therefore, Digital Marketing distinctively Instagram Influencer Marketing is the most proficient way to earn money in today’s world. If we look at the monthly income of Instagram influencers, you will be shocked by how much one can earn by being involved in Digital Marketing/ Instagram Influencer Marketing. Imagine, sleeping at night by posting a picture or video on Instagram and waking up with a huge money in your account.

Instagram Influencer Marketing is the most proficient way to earn money.

Now let me tell you how you can earn money and become rich by Digital Marketing or Instagram Marketing. The answer to this secret is Instagram Influencer Marketing. But who are Instagram Influencers, you may wonder?  

3. Numbers of Followers You need to Generate Money from Instagram

If you are thinking that you need thousands of followers to start making money from Instagram. Well the short answer to this is “Not as many as you think.”

But the bigger answer to this may vary depending on many factors:

  • Think about the niche you are in and how easy it is for you to directly tie it to a product category (food, fashion, beauty, fitness, and photography are wonderful niches you can work on based on the top trending Instagram Hashtags.)
  • The number of followers is not important, but the conversion and engagement of followers is important.
  • You can make money even from 1000 followers you have on Instagram. All it takes is the engagement rate. Naturally, the more engaged followers you have, the better.
  • The top Instagram Influencers are making thousands of dollars per post, but even those with small but highly engaged followings of 100 have the potential of making money on Instagram by doing Instagram Influencer Marketing.

How Can You Become an Instagram Influencer?

Just like all the famous and rich Instagram Celebrities, you can also become an Instagram Influencer, initiate Instagram Influencer Marketing and start making money. And don’t worry; we also got the solution to your query of ‘How can I become an Instagram Influencer and start Instagram Influencer Marketing?’

Instagram Influencer-Follower Relationship, Key to Increased Sales:

Now with your fame as an Instagram Influencer and established Influencer-Follower Relationship, you can successfully carry on Digital Marketing/ Instagram Marketing; attract brands and products and earn tons of money. You, as an Instagram Influencer, have something that these brands don’t; and that is a loyal following. They may have the setup to create their products but to reach a targeted audience that would be loyal and passionate about the product related to the specific niche, they’ll have to consult you as an Instagram Influencer possess that loyal following that look up to you and idolize you.

Therefore, when you endorse a product, your loyal fan base will be more eager to use it to be just like you. Now imagine how much money you will be making by endorsing a single product. The reason behind that is the strong association that you’ll have with your amazing followers

Simple and Easy Steps:

1. Choose your Niche… It’s the MOST Important Thing

In order to become an Instagram Influencer, you cannot just write a cute or inspirational description, write ‘Influencer’ in your bio and become an Instagram Influencer. You have to find your niche. What you will be projecting to the people is what matters. Will you be a fitness influencer? or a fashion icon? or an adventure traveler? or will you pursue any other hobby needs to be the primary motive of your venture.

Your niche ought to be something that suits your character and makes you feel associated with it. You have to have some fundamental information on that and interest to dig further. In Instagram Marketing/ Instagram Influencer Marketing you can’t phony it if it’s not your enthusiasm, and ultimately your actual persona will dominate. Along these lines, be cautious about that and don’t follow something just because it is trending, rather construct what intrigues you. DIY stuff, kitchen hacks, travel, lifestyle, food, exercise, cars, adventurous activities, etc. are there to choose from.

2. Write an Eye-Catching and Professional’ bio’

When you have settled on your specialty, you have to make an alluring Instagram profile. The absolute first thing that you have to concentrate on is making an Instagram bio that promptly grabs individuals’ eyes. It should discuss your story in a manner that draws in individuals.

Keep in mind; it’s one of the first things that a brand or a potential adherent will see for you. So, if you want to turn into an Instagram Influencer and be successful at Instagram Marketing/ Instagram Influencer Marketing, you have to initially figure out how to make an eye-catching Instagram bio.

3. Be Consistent…Laziness does not lead to Success

Once you have chosen your niche and created an attractive Instagram bio, it is important that you be consistent in whatever you are doing. Because only that can lead to the success of your Digital Marketing or Instagram Influencer Marketing venture. Exclusive and quality substance acquires exposure over the web be it any form of Digital Marketing. For some extraordinary events or offers, you can instruct them to announce the good news at a specific time and date and perceive how engagement on your post increases. You can utilize Instagram Stories, and update them about what’s happening for the better association.

4. Attractive Instagram Profile… That’s How You Attract Followers

You must have heard, “First impression is the last impression.” In order to be successful at Instagram Marketing explicitly Instagram Influencer Marketing, you have to focus on making your posts much attractive and appealing. This is one of the pre-essentials in the event that you need to figure out how to turn into an Instagram influencer. Not that should each of your photographs be outwardly engaging, but your whole feed should look engaging when seen overall. This implies the entirety of your photographs in the feed should look great, exclusively and all things considered.

You can follow a specific style of editing your photographs with the goal that the color or composition is uniform. You can use tools like Photoshop or CorelDraw to edit your pictures or you can simply utilize the inherent filters on Instagram. Additionally, ensure that your photographs are taken in high-resolution and plentiful light to make them look great.

5. Instagram Stories…An Awesome Way to Interact and Increase Your Following

If you want to be considered a famous Instagram Influencer and become rich by pursuing Instagram Influencer Marketing, you cannot overlook the importance of Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories is the cool thing now and for turning into an Instagram influencer, you can’t quash them. Every day over 200 million people use Instagram stories and there is no reason why you shouldn’t join the fad to improve your fan base. They are accessible by non-followers too through your #hashtags, locations and stories.

Some Bonus Tips:

  • Switch to Instagram Business Account
  • Engage Meaningfully
  • Tag the Most Relevant Brands
  • Don’t Buy the Bot (fake) Followers.


How You Can Make Money by Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Depending on the nature of your account, your niche and your fan following, there are certain ways that you can materialize your fame and strong association with your loyal followers and earn lots of money.

1. Work with Brands on Sponsored Posts

The most proficient way is to work with brands on ‘sponsored’ posts. There is an option of ‘paid partnership’ on Instagram whereby you collaborate with a brand and endorse their product and in this way make tons of cash.

An influencer is fundamentally any individual who’s fabricated themselves an online following by creating and posting amazing things on Instagram. To their fans, influencers are tastemakers, trailblazers, and confided in specialists whose suppositions about specific subjects are regarded. Numerous brands can’t rival that, so they join forces with influencers on supported posts that help them increase the awareness and sales of their items. This signifies the importance of Instagram Marketing/ Instagram Influencer Marketing. However, it’s not simply the size of your Instagram account and the number of followers that you have that brands need—it’s your follower’s trust and commitment with your substance.

However, in the case of ‘paid partnership’ it gets difficult to maintain the integrity and trust you have with the followers. It is a possibility that the followers start to think that you are on the pay-roll of that brand, and not emotionally and spiritually associated with that product. Thus, it is important to be yourself and not be too associated with ‘paid partnerships’ in order to maintain your persona regarding a specific niche and to remain successful at Digital Marketing.  

2. Launch Your Own Brand/ Product

With a loyal following and a strong bond with your fans, you do not have to rely solely on other brands, but you can launch your own brand/ product by yourself or in collaboration with another Instagram Influencer thus bringing the forces, and the fan following together. Take the example of multi-million dollar brand Ankari Floruss initiated by two Instagram Fashion Influencers Moti Ankari and Marcel Floruss. These two individuals, out of their love for sneakers and boots, started their own shoe brand and, due to their strong association with their loyal followers, were able to successfully project their new brand among followers. At the moment, their brand is worth multi-million dollars. Therefore, the successful Digital Marketing/ Instagram Marketing project of two Instagram Influencers shows that if you have a strong connection with your follower, and you constantly interact with them, you too can build your own brand and make it successful through Digital Marketing, specifically Instagram Marketing.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing on Instagram is a big passage Influencers can use to generate huge revenue on Instagram. Currently, on Instagram, many influencers are making money by leveraging Affiliate Marketing.

It is all about approaching different brands or retailers offering affiliate programs. And once you have been accepted as an affiliate marketer for the brands and retailers, you will be provided with a unique code. All you have to do is create a post where you will review, feature and promote their products. After that, you will connect with your followers by using the link or code provided to you by the brand or the retailer. After every conversion from your link, you will earn a commission. The ratio of commission is not fix and it may vary depending on the program you have signed up for.

4. Sell your Photographs

You can also make money on Instagram by selling your photos to your followers. It is an effective approach because you are selling the photographs of high quality you took for your social media posts. Sounds amazing! Isn’t it? If you are active on Instagram and take good photos, that is a very efficient and reliable way to make money on Instagram by doing Instagram Marketing and utilizing your Instagram Influencer Marketing skills.

Ready to get Started:

No doubt, it’s true that it is impossible to become Instagram Influencer overnight. You definitely have to show dedication, consistency, be patient and make sure that you follow all the steps mentioned above in this article to earn money on Instagram and do Instagram Influencer Marketing. It may take a few months, but let me tell you this very honestly that you will definitely start seeing the results. I have seen and helped a lot of individuals land brand partnerships in a matter of a couple of months by following simple, and easy Instagram Influencer Marketing tips and tricks. And there’s no reason why you can’t do so as well.

GO HERE and watch the free Webinar on Instagram Influencer Marketing. 



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