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If you’re a doctor, you spent years in medical school learning to ply your trade and passed rigorous exams certifying your competency.

As a doctor, you decided to hang out a shingle to tell the world you’re open for business. Now, you face the daunting tasks:

  • That comes when hordes of patients fail to make appointments. 
  • You discovered the ugly truth they don’t teach in medical school about how to win business as a service professional
  • Starting a professional services business is hard and takes an entirely different skill set than what you learned to perform the service

Medical clinics or hospitals do not fail because their service is not good. They fail because they do not know how to sell well.

The Face Behind Our Success

Imtinan Ahmad is Pakistan’s top-notch business consultant who turns around failing businesses, provides them real solutions with no filters, and helps entrepreneurs in converting their failures into success stories.

Imtinan Ahmad heads the board at DSI Consulting Worldwide, Pakistan’s top management consulting firm with clients including Government of Pakistan, United Nations, SAARC, Water Aid, Govt. of Afghanistan and many more. Imtinan also runs Mad Refinery Digital, the leading SaaS & digital marketing agency, that powers many leading brands in the world. He is also the co-founder of, Pakistan’s first B2B ecommerce platform.

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Why Is There So Much Stress & why your business needs helps?

If you've experienced one or all of these problems, then continue ready this page.

  • Your business is not expanding

  • Your business mainly relies on word of mouth

  • Your business is profitable but not as much as you expected

  • People know about your competitors but they don’t know about you
  • You sometimes think your hard work is not paid off well

  • Do you think that a big investment can solve your business problems?

If this is you or someone you know, please keep reading.

The Jailbreak is just ahead.

Today, the world is changing. Social media marketing has given this power to you to market your services well. 

Social media platforms provide you with efficient ways to market your product or services. you just need to know how to use it well in your buisness regard. 

  • Builds brand awarness and recognition
  • Generates conversation around your brand
  • helps understand your target customers’ interests
  • provides platforms to tell your brand’s story 
  • helps you gather data about your audience
  • helps provied responsive customer service 
  • can help you do competitor research
  • its cost effective 
  • helps bulid customer loyalty 
  • helps drive traffic to your business 
  • helps identify and connect with potential business partners and collaborators
  • helps with repurposing content
  • makes it easy to distribute content
  • helps you stay relevant in your repestive industry 
  • can help you identify trends in consumer behaviour and opinions

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