Why You Must Take This Best Digital Marketing Course As an Entrepreneur

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As an entrepreneur, there are so many things in business that you have to take care of. From product development to customer services, it’s a never-ending list of tasks that you manage day and night.

Digital marketing should be the last worry on top of your head.

Come to think of it why you need a digital marketing course in the first place. Let me first put out some reasons for which you need the digital marketing course.

1. Your customers are online, so you want to reach them where they spend more time i.e., social media.

2. Your customers are overseas and it’s easier for you to promote your products / services through digital marketing.

3. It’s cost effective for you to promote your business through digital marketing.

4. You consider that the market trend is shifting and you want to stay ahead of your competition.

5. You want to make money through digital marketing as its becoming hard for you to do it through offline marketing.

Your motive would fall in one of the above reasons.

All of the above reasons are genuine and I absolutely agree with them. However, if your purpose of taking a digital marketing course is above of the above then you must evaluate each course based on the following questions.

1.     Contents of the course on Digital Marketing

What are the contents of this digital marketing course?

When I thought of designing this course, I spend two months just to ensure that I have the perfect course contents.

I aimed to ensure that the course content must help an entrepreneur figure the digital marketing process from the beginning.

Social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms to promote your online business.

With more than 3 Billion active monthly users, these platforms present the best opportunity for your online business, if you care to start one.

However, many entrepreneurs have failed in the past making a mark in Facebook and Instagram advertising because of its complexities.

The course is designed to cover from basic, medium to advance level the step by step directions of how you start with your campaign, how you design your Facebook campaign, how to make an exciting offer, the bait strategy, targeting, up to launching and scaling up your business.

Once your knowledge foundation is set and you are taught how to promote, your entrepreneurial journey in social media digital marketing becomes a child’s play.

The detailed course contents also talk about the topics covered by Tamas Locher, a leading international online business expert.

2.     Digital Marketing Certification

Is there a certification at the end of the course?

This is an important question, which just can’t be ignored. I believe that a course has to stand out, teach the best material which should be based on ones experiences, expertise and learning.

Many students write to me that they have taken certain courses over the years where the knowledge was either theoretical or the instructor was someone who hasn’t practiced what they preached.

What a dilemma!  When you have a choice, look for it that the instructor is a practitioner him/herself.

My teams and I have been effectively utilizing Facebook marketing for my businesses for more than five years. Getting the course accredited was one of the pivotal questions we faced.

When we submitted our course for accreditation to CPD, UK, we were told that there are thousands of courses that are sent for accreditation but almost all fail to secure one due to the quality of their course contents.

I am glad to inform you that this course is the best in digital marketing as it is the only course in India and Pakistan that is approved by the CPD, UK that covers online business, digital marketing, e-commerce and online business in an in depth manner.

3.     Digital Marketing Training

How easy would the instructor make it for me?

I am grateful that some great teachers have blessed me in my life. They were the ones who made things simple for me at the time when I was studying. It’s payback time.

I believe that an instructor’s job is not to impress the students but to make them understand and motivate them to take action.

In this digital marketing training, you can ask questions as frequent as you want and get rapid answers on them. You can learn from the questions asked by other fellow students and learn from their experiences also.

If you find the way of communication easy & friendly, then your search for online digital marketing courses has come to an end.

4.     Best Digital Marketing Course

Why is this the best digital marketing course?

This is the only digital marketing course that shows a step-by-step process of online marketing by giving local examples at every level that students can easily relate with.

This is the only course that not only teaches the tools but also explains the rationale and digital marketing strategies that work. Taught by the practitioner, I have given my personal examples as well and showed how I do it so that you can watch over my shoulder how I do digital marketing.

This course is spread over 70+ video lectures covering all the major aspects of digital marketing. You need to learn the in depth strategies to be an expert in digital marketing, so don’t settle for less.

There are regular updates and new video lectures added to the course, based on any changes to the algorithm by Facebook and Instagram. Thus, you are always part of the community and can learn life long, since you get the Lifetime access to the course.

Being an online course, you can easily watch the lectures at anytime, when you want, where you want. You don’t need to commute or come over to attend classes. You get Lifetime access to the course on your desktop, mobile and TV.

The best part is that you can try before you join and watch a video lecture as a guest. This helps you in observing the way of communication, course contents and style of teaching. As an entrepreneur, your time is significant and we’d love to help you in saving it.

5.     Duration to Learn Digital Marketing

How long would it take me to learn Digital Marketing?

There are 70+ video lectures of this digital marketing certification course. The complete duration of these 70+ video lectures is 26 hours.

You can binge watch, take notes and you may complete in 2 days. However, there are concepts, strategies, business plan for which you must keep taking notes. It might take you weeks before you complete it. Every giant leaps starts from a single step. So, keep your focus and keep learning.

6.     How to do Digital Marketing

Will this course teach me how to do Digital Marketing?

The course starts from the basics and explains how to start from scratch in digital marketing and build a winning marketing campaign that delivers the results you are looking for.

You will learn how ad sets perform, how to optimize them, what are the do’s and don’ts of digital marketing, how can you achieve the best targeting through audience insights, what a brand personification stands for and how to go about it, what scaling methodologies are and how to achieve the scale in your business.

The practical examples would enable you to learn quickly with hands on approach. All lessons are followed by questions that you can ask directly.

Everything your business needs in the realm of digital marketing is covered in great detail. It’s on you to take action and learn all aspects by taking your first step towards learning.

7.     Missing in other Marketing Courses

What other online Digital Marketing courses are missing out on?

There are plenty of online digital marketing courses out there and I don’t think that I am in a position to comment about their pros and con’s, as I would be biased.

However, you must look into a couple of things before selecting any course. Is it by a practitioner who has proved his/her mettle in the said field or is it just theoretical course taught out of a book? Is the course about how a tool performs or does it also talk about the best practices, strategies, and winning business plans for your success? Is it just a course only, or has a leading international accreditation body also accredited it? What does the media, civil society, and academia says about this course?

Once you ask these questions before taking up a course, you can reach to the best conclusions I am sure.

8.     Will I learn Social Media Marketing?

Will I learn Social Media Marketing online?

Indeed. Social media today is widespread and Facebook and Instagram cover 80% of it. Facebook and Instagram have a combined active user base of more than 3 Billion people in the world.

You will learn in the course that how can you stand out on Facebook and Instagram with your brand, what makes a perfect marketing strategy and a winning campaign on Facebook and Instagram and how to take your business to the next level, using Facebook and Instagram/

9.     My career in Digital Marketing

How to start a career in digital marketing?

This is a great question.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.

There are many people who are perfect in their jobs and achieve great successes on the jobs. So, the question arises. How can you start a career in digital marketing?

Here, you need to note down a couple of things. When it comes to marketing, the traditional marketing channels are outdated and don’t perform well. Leading multinational companies have reduced their advertising budgets spend annually on outdoor media, and print media. The budgets of digital marketing are going up. There is a huge demand for digital marketing experts at many leading organizations and there are a handful people who know this well.

Moreover, when it comes to freelancing, there are millions of freelancers out there. There are a lot of freelancers who can manage a company’s social media activities and postings, but very few who can manage a company’s digital marketing spending and social media advertising.

Thus, you can make a great career in digital marketing when you learn it. You can be an entrepreneur, start your own social media agency, get hired by a conglomerate, or even start your freelancing services in digital marketing.

10. Can I learn digital marketing online

How to learn digital marketing at home?

Yes you can. One of the great benefits of this course is that you can watch the video lectures when you want, where you want. Once you join the course, all video lectures are accessible for you, thus enabling you to keep learning at your own pace.

You don’t need to travel for classes, neither you need to allocate a set time to attend one. You can watch at your comfort and learn when you learn the best. You can access your course on your desktop, mobile and TV, so that you keep learning, keep progressing and keep gaining success.


There are plenty of online courses out there, especially on YouTube. My question to people who learn from YouTube is simple. What do you think a You Tuber is interested in? Simple: Video Views. Do you think a You Tuber would update his/her videos for your learning?

You Tube is great platform for entertainment. No question about it. I am myself uploading a video a day. But I don’t think this is great for your digital marketing learning because the motive is different. When a You Tuber focuses on video views, the focus on concepts, learning, student questions just goes away. There are no updates and people keep getting hits on the outdated knowledge. Don’t do this to yourself.

It doesn’t matter whom you learn from. What matters is what you learn.

I wish you best of luck in your digital marketing training.


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