Wisdom, Mischief and Heart; All Rolled into One

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There is a Chinese saying that goes: “If you need happiness for an hour, sleep. If you need satisfaction for a day, go fishing. If you need satisfaction for a year, acquire a fortune. And in the event that you need happiness for a lifetime, help someone.” For hundreds of years, the best minds have recommended something very similar: Happiness is found in helping other people.

And this philosophy has motivated me to help others in the time of their need. In order to do so, I chose the path of Life Coaching, Public Speaking, and Business Coaching to take people out of their distress and put them on a path of serenity and success. Some coaches focus on the outer journey, others the inner journey. Mutual journey is my point of focus.

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During my days of guiding others through Life Coaching, Public Speaking, and Business Coaching, I happen to meet a number of people going through different life issues ranging from economic to emotional. People who consult me for Life Coaching, Business Coaching or take inspiration through Public Speaking are either going through a life crisis, unhappiness, burn out, relationship breakdown or are in a need of a wake-up; and thus, they come up to me for Life Coaching or Business Coaching. So, let’s have a look at the beautiful journey of some beautiful individuals:   

Business Setbacks of Wahab

Wahab is one of those many people that I helped turn the life around for good through Life Coaching/ Business Coaching. Wahab was a bright young entrepreneur who had successfully developed his own enterprise. But his business had a setback as the 2009 global recession devastated the world economy. This financial setback had a drastic effect on Wahab as he thought he could never recover from this debacle. He started questioning his abilities and he was in dire need of emotional support and Business Coaching.  

Life coaching, coaching, business coach, happiness, sadness, life, motivational coach

That’s when Wahab contacted me and sought guidance through Life Coaching and Business Coaching. I provided him with the emotional and professional guidance that he needed to come out of the derisible state that he felt he could never be able to leave. Through focused, determined and meticulous Life Coaching and Business Coaching, Wahab’s life started turning around. Once Wahab began to practice sitting with his feelings, speaking up for himself, and taking risks at work to build a career he could feel proud of, things began to change. These actions brought him from victimhood to the personal leadership he had been craving.   

Wahab chose to get his finances under control and to face the emotional and behavioral difficulties that had been stemming from the financial and subsequent emotional upheaval in his life. And thus, through my Life Coaching/ Business Coaching, Wahab came out of the emotional trauma that he once faced horribly. Wahab told me he was sorry he had not come for Life Coaching and Business Coaching earlier in his life. He felt he had suffered needlessly for too many years. With Life Coaching and Business Coaching, he reported improved focus, higher tolerance for his feelings, and persistence with healthier routines such as diet and exercise. He learned how to make decisions consciously rather than impulsively, recognize when he was avoiding conflict, and express his needs, and began to live his life from the inside out rather than living by what he thought others wanted for him.  

Despondency of Aiman

Aiman is another such success story where she changed her life and left the pain and suffering that were once a part and parcel of her life. Relationship is an intimate bond and once that bond is broken, it is not easy to recover from that emotional ordeal. Not every person comes back with optimism and with a hopeful point of view. Mostly it’s the direct inverse.

The same was the case with Aiman where she fell into depression once her relationship ended with her partner. She cried all the time and it was hard for her to make it even through a day. Her situation worsened when she found out that her ex-partner had started dating soon after their breakup. She was in a very dark place and had lost faith in herself and her abilities.

Life coaching, coaching, business coach, happiness, sadness, life, motivational coach

That distressed soul was in dire need of help through Life Coaching/ Public Speaking. It was at that time that Aiman same up to me and started taking Life Coaching/ Public Speaking sessions. Through those Life Coaching/ Public Speaking sittings, I provided her the person to trust and seek guidance from. Life Coaching made the way for recognizing this pattern, which was literally mounting Aiman’s depression. Aiman started to realize her importance and potential. These Life Coaching/ Public Speaking meetings started turning Aiman’s life around for good.

Life Coaching/ Public Speaking sessions helped Aiman understand what was causing her depression, and that withdrawing from society and wallowing in self-pity was only making her feel worse. She started changing her attitude and adopted a positive outlook for the future. Witnessing that journey where Aiman started seeing herself in a position where she understood her depression, and where it did not have an uncontrollable impact on her day-to-day life, was life-changing.

The Life Coaching/ Public Speaking procedure at last freed her from the false assumption that she didn’t deserve a cheerful relationship in her life. Aiman bravely started to make new and diverse changes in all pieces of her life. Toward the end of the Life Coaching/ Public Speaking sittings, she disclosed to me she was appreciative for having overcome her reluctance to consider coaching as a solution in the first place.

Thrust of Noor ul Huda

Noor ul Huda’s story is another such journey that I would like to share. Noor ul Huda was an energetic, well-spoken, adoring lady who had encountered a clinical injury 10 years ago that despite everything, reverberated for her. Her week was excessively loaded up with work, clinical arrangements for herself, and visits with specialists for her daughter. She didn’t feel upheld by her significant other, whom she depicted as irate and unstable at home. She needed harmony, peacefulness, and enthusiastic closeness in her family life yet had no clue about how to make these for herself and her daughter.

She realized that she needed support from someone who could guide her through the obscurity and bleakness of her life. She required someone who could help her come out of the emotional and physical torment and someone who could turn her life around for good. She came to know about me through her friend and started Life Coaching/ Public Speaking sessions with me.  

Life coaching, coaching, business coach, happiness, sadness, life, motivational coach

In the Life Coaching/ Public Speaking sessions, it became apparent to me that she was a thinker; however, it was difficult for her to be clear about what she truly needed. She depicted a powerful urge for something better, an assurance; but every last bit of her vitality appeared to be going sideways instead of taking her forward. As such, she was lost in amazing stories and contemplations that didn’t prompt lucidity or progress ahead.

Through Life Coaching/ Public Speaking sessions, Noor ul Huda chose to take action. She consented to open up to me, in order to figure out how to confide in her body and get her in contact with what she really needed. The main prerequisite was “No thinking!” No more putting burden and stress on her mind. And she agreed to free up her mind and soul and started taking a fresh take on things. Through these focused sessions, Noor ul Huda realized that she wanted to transform, that her relationship with herself needed attention, and that she had lost contact with her inner direction and she wanted to rebuild that spiritual connection.

By these sittings, Noor ul Huda figured out how to perceive when thinking a ton was not serving her. She saw that when she sat carefully with her agony and perceived how her reasoning expanded her torment, she had the option to focus on new and distinctive activity. The circumstances of her life started to change and she reshaped herself in how she responded to them.  This increased her confidence and her ability to connect with joy.

Life coaching, coaching, business coach, happiness, sadness, life, motivational coach

Noor ul Huda figured out how to confide in her body once again through these Life Coaching/ Public Speaking sessions. This upheld her when her better half’s anger threatened to throw her off-center. She felt progressively empowered because she comprehended what to do to interface with her. She had the option to settle on choices with more certainty since she was connected to her own values, needs and wants. Noor ul Huda told me that her physical injury had been significant to the point that she needed a sense of security so as to associate again with herself. She credited the protected space in the Life Coaching/ Public Speaking sessions, along with concrete action, as being integral to her success.

High and Low Points of Huzaifa

I would also like to share Huzaifa’s story which is really inspiring and motivating. Huzaifa came to me some time ago and began the Life Coaching/ Business Coaching sessions since he wanted to live a simpler life. He needed consistency in his life, less emotional and financial upheavals, solid job, and the capacity to settle on choices dependent on his internal knowing, as opposed to what he figured he “should” do. He needed his endeavors to be compatible with his qualities and objectives.  

Huzaifa was well-spoken, savvy and ingenious. He was additionally rash and emotionally sensitive. He encountered these as vitality surges that happened upon him rapidly, driving him to settle on fast choices, which he regularly lamented later. Things appeared to turn out bad frequently and when they did, they did as such in a major way. He disclosed to me that he needed to get off the carousel of high points and low points, triumphs and disappointments, expectations and frustrations. He needed to feel focused and realize that he could live from an adoring, cognizant, and happily organized spot.

Life coaching, coaching, business coach, happiness, sadness, life, motivational coach

Through these Life Coaching/ Business Coaching sessions, Huzaifa started to work on dealing with his sentiments, supporting himself, and facing challenges at work to construct a venture he could feel glad for. Eventually, things started to turn around for Huzaifa. These activities carried him from feeling down to the success he had been wanting. He also agreed to see a specialist about the chance he had ADHD. He got a diagnosis and started getting treatment. Simultaneously, Huzaifa decided to get his accounts leveled out and to confront the emotional and social challenges that had been coming from untreated ADHD.  

Life coaching, coaching, business coach, happiness, sadness, life, motivational coach

At the point when the constraining convictions overseeing Huzaifa’s decisions were uncovered through these Business Coaching sessions, Huzaifa gallantly chose to step up and take charge of the life. When this happened, Huzaifa figured out how to listen to others adequately and this improved his profitability. Huzaifa effectively reallocated his time at work, guiding his vitality to the zones where he exceeded expectations. He was unbalanced and unsure when we initially met. However, after Life Coaching/ Business Coaching sessions, he left standing straighter and feeling like a pioneer. Without a doubt, he had figured out how to lead—from within. 

Tenacious Self-questioning of Rutaba

Rutaba is another such individual who needed help in life. Rutaba would wake up fearing one more day of high-constrained worry at the workplace where her supervisor would move the goal lines day by day. She never knew when performance input would be given and, when it was, she had figured out how to expect that it would be critical, and undermining. Consistently she left the workplace feeling depleted and overloaded by tenacious self-questioning.

Work Obsession 

She wanted to endure it regardless of being tormented by overthinking and restless evenings. But when she ended up crying at work, obsessing about choices, and losing her temper with staff, Rutaba contacted me and started taking Life Coaching session. She yielded to herself that she had been in this circumstance previously and remembered she may be in a pattern of her own making.

Life coaching, coaching, business coach, happiness, sadness, life, motivational coach

Life Coaching opened the door to identifying this pattern, which was enhancing Rutaba ‘s stress and agony. It immediately turned out to be obvious to her that her default was to settle on choices dependent on rationale, removing her feelings and internal knowing. The outcomes were strategies that gave her something contrary to what she needed to accomplish in any case. Rutaba saw that her upsetting workplace environment was overflowing into her own life. Her relationship with her family was enduring as well, and she was despising her kids even though she cherished them profoundly.

Eventually, the Life Coaching sessions freed Rutaba from the spurious supposition that she was bound to endure distressing superiors. She chose to pick what she wants in life, as opposed to simply going along. She set desires for what she will and won’t do, at home and work. She changed her job and found an organization that was genuinely coherent with her values. Now Rutaba picks her companions with more consideration, deciding on those she genuinely has a sense of security with. Nowadays she takes a gander at issues as chances to build her aptitudes. Most importantly her relationships at home have also improved.

Life coaching, coaching, business coach, happiness, sadness, life, motivational coach

Rutaba was terrified when she began: terrified of herself, and terrified to concede what she really, profoundly needed. She made a valiant stride in seeking out Life Coaching, and fearlessly started to make new and distinctive moves in all pieces of her life. It was one of the most proud and happy moments of my life when Rutaba told me that my Life Coaching had transformed her life and now she is finally at peace with her life.

Abra ca Dabra

I can understand that you don’t ask for help. I also know that you should have it all worked out by now. If you are going to admit your fears and allow them in your life, it might mean they become real. You don’t want to get off the un-ending hamster wheel that you feel trapped on. A constant drive, strive, eat, sleep, never skip a beat. REPEAT!

Life coaching, coaching, business coach, happiness, sadness, life, motivational coach

I admire this journey of yours and I have been on to reach this point in time. Setbacks and Triumphs. thankfulness and failure. All of these have their own place. I don’t want to give you a false hope by telling you some shortcuts that your fears will go away, but I can make sure that you will start to understand your fears in a better way and will turn the odds in your favour by overcoming your fears. I know that change is not an Abra ca Dabra process but it takes some time. Except contradictions, challenges, deep listening, dualities, and some gazes in the depth of who you really are.

So, the question is, are you good to go with the flow and ready to start a journey?




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