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Imtinan Ahmad is Pakistan’s top business genius who particularly helps aspiring individuals in launching their businesses. He has multiple business interests in trading, food & beverages, imports, education, real estate, e-commerce, e-Learning, and corporate services industries.

Businesses don’t often fail because their product or service is not good enough – it nearly always is. It purely fails because the entrepreneur behind the business doesn’t know how to sell it well”.

Imtinan Ahmad's Journey

What’s your legacy?

I transform people into successful entrepreneurs and jobseekers into employers, making them magnets for more revenue, more growth, and more social impact.

But how did I get here? At the age of 14, I started my entrepreneurial journey by selling crisps at Naz Cinema during intermissions. During this struggling period, I learnt the tricks of trade in direct selling and understand consumer behavior. This was the time when I learnt how money works and how to multiply it. With 6 cinemas under my portfolio, I sold out my crisps venture within two years to a regional snacks conglomerate at a decent figure. I invested my savings from crisps business in manufacturing and selling plastic bottles for medicinal purposes. With a solid understanding of sales and marketing, I repeated the crisps experience and had a second buy-out before attending university.

I furthered my education by pursuing an MSc. Marketing at the University of Manchester and became Pakistan’s youngest Chartered Marketer.

I observed then that there is no Pakistani brand listed in Fortune 100, 500, or even 1,000. This is largely due to one core fact: Pakistanis have never been taught how to start a business & effectively market their offerings. This experience taught me a valuable lesson – that any business can thrive if the entrepreneur behind it comprehends the art of effective selling. It was a pivotal moment for me.

As a serial entrepreneur, I founded Impact Insulations in 2007, which became Great Britain’s leading insulation company and grew to reach 100,000 consumers locally. I eventually exited IMPACT after another buy-out and came back to Pakistan.

Upon my return, I launched DSI Consulting Worldwide, Skill Gains, Mad Refinery and all of these ventures rocked. Then I launched my special initiative to assist individuals in starting their own businesses, which I branded as “”. I started this venture with only a Facebook page, and with a combination of perseverance, business acumen, and a genuine desire to aid struggling entrepreneurs, I quickly accumulated over 25,000 aspirants within the first year. This number has since grown to over 84,000, and I take pride in the fact that these entrepreneurs are no longer dependent on handouts and are now able to create employment opportunities for others.

In recognition of my dedication to serving my community, I was appointed as a Global Ambassador for United Nations’ SDGs by Athalos, and as the Polio Brand Ambassador in Pakistan by NCOC and UNICEF. Today, numerous prominent organizations including the Government of Pakistan, the United Nations, the World Bank, SAARC, Save the Children, Water Aid, Govt. of Afghanistan, approach me for business & marketing advice, a testament to the success and impact of my initiative.

Today, I serve numerous clients across the globe. I work one-on-one with aspiring individuals to help launch their commercial ventures. The world needs more entrepreneurs and amazing products & services.

Drop me a text if you want to launch your business and achieve unparalleled success.

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During the British Alumni Awards ceremony, the British Council recently recognized Imtinan Ahmad’s contribution. Imtinan Ahmad was further selected by Crain’s USA 40 under 40 Award – one of the most prestigious business awards of the United States, which was previously presented to Barack Obama in 1991 and Oprah Winfrey in 1989. The appreciation and recognition didn’t stop there. Be it the ‘Asian Business Tiger Award’ or ‘The Most Aspiring Individual Award’, Imtinan humbly owes all this to Almighty Allah for letting him choose the right field and enabling him to help others struggling in marketing & business development Since then, there has been no looking back.

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