Imtinan Ahmad

Imtinan Ahmad is Pakistan’s top marketing genius who particularly guides small businesses in selling their products and services well. He has multiple business interests in education, trading, food & beverages, imports, real estate, e-commerce, e-Learning, and corporate services industries.

Businesses don’t often fail because their product or service is not good enough – it nearly always is. It purely fails because the entrepreneur behind the business doesn’t know how to sell it well”.

Imtinan Ahmad's Journey

What’s your legacy?

Mine is turning people into magnets. By helping business leaders harness the power of their authenticity into a personal brand, I transform entrepreneurs and executives into thought leaders, making them magnets for more exposure, more opportunity, and more global impact.

But how did I get here? I built my personal brand at first by accident, and then by design. As a serial entrepreneur, I founded Impact Insulations in 2007, which became Great Britain’s leading insulation company and grew to reach 100,000 consumers locally. I eventually left IMPACT as the love of my motherland hit me up so, I came back to Pakistan and launched DSI Consulting in 2013.

Since, DSI is a management consulting firm and Pakistan didn’t have predilection in this regard so, DSI turned out to be a massive failure in the start. I then realised the difference of culture in the two countries; Pakistani enterprises trust a personal brand more than the management itself.

That was my turning point, I started building my personal brand by publishing articles, having more media presence, started delivering my content on social media platforms and it took me a year to be a thought-leader within the development sector, but, after that DSI Consulting became Pakistan’s top management consulting firm with clients including Government of Pakistan, the United Nations, World Bank, SAARC, Water Aid, Govt. of Afghanistan, and many more.

After this immense success, I finally launched a brand with my own name “AskImtinan” with nothing more than a Facebook page. That was all it took to get started. I then developed a comprehensive content strategy for my personal brand comprised of thought provoking articles, interesting videos, appearances on mainstream media channels and what not. Thanks to these targeted personal branding interventions and consistent presence online, in the first year of launch, I had amassed 25,000+ number of clients across all sectors. My personal brand further helped me in gaining the opportunity of being the Polio Brand Ambassador in Pakistan.

That’s the power of PERSONAL BRANDING.

Since then, there has been no looking back. Today, Imtinan Ahmad heads the board at DSI Consulting Worldwide, Pakistan’s top management consulting firm with clients including Government of Pakistan, United Nations, SAARC, Water Aid, Govt. of Afghanistan and many more. Imtinan also runs Mad Refinery Digital, the leading SaaS & digital marketing agency, that powers many leading brands in the world. He is also the co-founder of, Pakistan’s first B2B e-commerce platform.

Today, serves individual clients as well as corporations across the globe. We work one-on-one with executives and entrepreneurs, to make them a Thought-Leader and launch their personal brands for better business and personal aspirations.

The world needs more Authenticity & Branding. Drop me a text if you want to launch your Business and build your Personal Brand and achieve unparalleled success.

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Awards & Recognition

During the British Alumni Awards ceremony, the British Council recently recognized Imtinan Ahmad’s contribution. Imtinan Ahmad was further selected by Crain’s USA 40 under 40 Award – one of the most prestigious business awards of the United States, which was previously presented to Barack Obama in 1991 and Oprah Winfrey in 1989. The appreciation and recognition didn’t stop there. Be it the ‘Asian Business Tiger Award’ or ‘The Most Aspiring Individual Award’, Imtinan humbly owes all this to Almighty Allah for letting him choose the right field and enabling him to help others struggling in marketing & business development Since then, there has been no looking back.

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Imtinan Ahmad has helped more than 84,000+ entrepreneurs through private coaching and is still giving back. He can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn through his dedicated channel

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