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In the world we live in today, relying solely on one source of income is not enough.

Recession in the local or global economy, downsizing occurring at your workplace or fresh graduates replacing you as cost-effective talent, these are everyday situations, unfortunately. In short, you will be redundant very soon.
You need to think about another source of income that is totally independent of your current livelihood. Yet, business is tough, economic climate is ruthless and there are thousands of things that can go wrong.
That’s why you need the Business Launch Program, where our team of experts build your e-commerce business from scratch and run on your behalf on regular basis.

The Face Behind your Success

Imtinan Ahmad is Pakistan’s top-notch business consultant who turns around failing businesses, provides them real solutions with no filters, and helps entrepreneurs in converting their failures into success stories.
Imtinan Ahmad heads the board at DSI Consulting Worldwide, Pakistan’s top management consulting firm with clients including Government of Pakistan, United Nations, SAARC, Water Aid, Govt. of Afghanistan and many more. Imtinan also runs Mad Refinery Digital, the leading SaaS & digital marketing agency, that powers many leading brands in the world. He is also the co-founder of Bachao.pk, Pakistan’s first B2B ecommerce platform.

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Businesses Served

As a Pakistani, when you get ready to launch your business, there are so many things that can go south. Many a times, ideas are not monetizable, market doesn’t exist, pricing strategy is wrong, competition is not rightly calculated, developer leaves & runs away, supplies are not quality checked, traffic is not generated, so on and so forth. 

This is exactly where Imtinan Ahmad’s flagship program ‘Business Launch Program’ makes the DIFFERENCE. 

Imtinan Ahmad & his team are rightly geared to help you launch your business in a matter of 30 Days, the right way. Now, you just sit on the front seat, and observe, whilst we launch your business for you & guide you every step of the way before handing it over to you. 


Pakistan’s 1st Business Launch Program.
Creating Your Business the RIGHT AWAY!



Top Entrepreneurs in the World Don’t Go Out & Learn Everything in Classrooms. They Hire the Best & Focus on Managing their Business. 

If They can, why can’t You!

Full Control

You Sit on the Back Seat, & Let us take all the right steps whilst we Update You As We Go Along

Active Income

Let Competent Minds Run Your Business for You Every Step of the Way, whilst We Generate Sales Day in & Day out


Your Business becomes Scalable & a Cash Cow for You Quicker than You Imagined


No Experience Needed

You don't need to be an expert & have skills. Let your mentors guide you every step of the way.

Scalable Business

Each product you launch comes with unlimited growth scale for you to expand your income opportunity.

Create Cash Cows

We help you build a business that generates daily cash for you. Nothing better than that.

Booming Online Business

Your Account Managers focus on scalability & will help you launch an ever-growing business that has a massive reach & exposure.

Business Made Easy

Right Direction. Insightful Coaching. High-Growth Ideas. Killer Execution. Nothing can BEAT that!


No problem if you are self-employed, upcoming entrepreneur or running an existing business, we have all the necessary tools & technologies to fuel your business needs. Discover our ‘Business Launch Program’ and let us help you launch your business TODAY!

Who is This For:

You have an existing source of income & in mid-career

Have a full time position but can spare weekends

You're ready to give this business 5 - 6 months to scale

Living in Pakistan, You have Rs. 1 million+ to invest

Overseas Pakistani, You have US$5,000+ to invest

You're interested in earning, rather than gaining skills

You know creating business is the best thing for you

Who is This NOT FOR:

You're someone who is at the start of his/her career

You don't even have one established source of income

You're under financial pressure and need income fast

You can't invest in your business

You think business can be created without money

You want to do everything yourself in business


Hands-on support to put your business on track!

Get in touch with our support team
now to launch your Business TODAY!

Launching your own business has finally become easier!

Business Launch Program is Invite-Only & Not Everyone is Entertained. Please Check with Team on New Enrollments. If the Enrollment is Closed, You may Get Yourself Registered & you'll Get Invite in Next Enrollment.